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In Maid, Alex meets and interacts with so many different characters with contrasting personalities who all embody a different zodiac sign.
Based on the memoir of Stephanie Land, Maid depicts the story of Alex: a young woman who leaves her emotionally abusive partner and tries to build a stable life for herself and her child. Her journey is extremely difficult but is completely inspiring and admirable. The series shows the effects of other characters on her journey; some characters help, some characters hinder and some of Alex’s relationships with other characters are extremely complex.
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So many characters have contrasting personalities and their own unique struggles. Although this series involves themes of abuse, addiction, and mental illness, characters’ zodiac signs are based on their personality traits, rather than the difficulties they experience.
It is Regina’s house that Alex cleans first when she gets her job as a maid. Regina and Alex’s relationship has a rocky start when Regina refuses to pay Alex, despite having the money to do so. This is because, just like other Arians, Regina can be hot-headed and stubborn. These characteristics are demonstrated in this storyline because Regina is convinced she is right and cannot see Alex’s perspective easily.
However, Arians are also highly intelligent, brave, and determined, which Regina shows when she uses these traits and her knowledge of the law to help Alex rebuild her life. In fact, she is one of the smartest characters in Maid.
Sean is the father of Maddie and is, at points, in a relationship with Alex. Sean inconsistently recognizes his problems and the pain that he causes, however, he does not find a way to overcome his issues.
Taureans are homebodies, like stability and hate big changes and Sean shows these traits when, despite putting Alex in a situation where she has little choice but to leave, he longs for his family to be home with him. Like other Taureans, Sean also has an incredible work ethic and chooses to work two jobs in order to provide financial stability for his family.
Nate is a friend of Alex, but he wants to have a romantic relationship with her. Geminis are warm and kind and tend to be very good at understanding other people. Nate demonstrates these character traits throughout the series, when he helps Alex and her family, giving her a car and opening his home to them.
Geminis are also social chameleons and Nate shows this by adapting his approach and behavior in order to make different people feel comfortable and valued – he asks Paula to paint a mural in his home and is gentle and playful with Maddie.
Denise runs the women’s domestic violence center that Alex spends lots of time over the series living in and, because of this and her own personal experiences, she is one of the bravest characters in the series. Cancer personality traits are kindness and being gentle with others, and Denise endlessly demonstrates these qualities throughout the series through her conversations with others and her life’s work at the center.
Just like other Cancerians, Denise rarely gets angry or raises her voice – she is patient with everyone, which is extremely important in the work she does.
Danielle is a resident who lives in the apartment above Alex’s at the domestic violence center.
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Just like other Leos, she has a sparkling personality and people cannot help but like her, which is shown when Alex is immediately captivated by her big personality. Leos are also very warm people, which Danielle demonstrates when straight away she reaches out to Alex and offers a helping hand when she realizes that Maddie is distressed, making them both feel more comfortable and putting them both at ease.
Hank does not provide a supportive and safe environment for Alex, as a child or as an adult. After Paula and Alex leave Hank, he does make vague (but unsatisfactory) attempts to be in Alex’s life and help her. Virgos need to feel useful and have a quick fix for everything, which Hank demonstrates when he wants to ignore the events of Alex’s childhood and spend lots of time looking after his granddaughter.
He also attempts to help Sean with his addiction and, although most Virgos are extremely talented at helping others with their problems, this specific character should be focusing on helping his daughter.
Ethan is a long-term friend of Sean’s and has relatively little screen time in the series. Despite this, fans get a good idea of what he is like and what personality traits he has from his few appearances. Libras are very sociable, are often the life of the party and like being around people. Ethan demonstrates this by attending every party and having lots of friends.
However, like other Libras, Ethan is conflict-avoidant and shows this by neglecting to see the seriousness of Sean’s behavior and refusing to have a necessary but difficult conversation with him.
Paula’s partner, Basil, manipulates her and steals her house. Scorpios can be quite suspicious, difficult to know, and prone to betrayal. However, Scorpios also tend to be very good at understanding who other people are.
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Basil shows all of these qualities throughout the series: Alex does not trust him and Paula does not see his true motivations until the very end of their relationship when he betrays her. However, Basil is only able to get close enough to Paula to betray her by understanding her so well. Unfortunately this character, unlike most Scorpios, uses his human intuition to manipulate and steal.
Yolanda owns the cleaning business that Alex works for and she is one of the best characters in the series. Sagittarians tend to be hard-workers and emotional, but also tend to be guided by principles rather than feelings. Yolanda demonstrates these qualities during her conversations with Alex: she does initially sympathize with Alex’s situation but overpowers these feelings in order to make room for the rules by which she runs her business.
Additionally, when Alex takes a customer of Yolanda’s for herself, Yolanda becomes extremely emotional and gets very angry at Alex because the business she has worked so hard to build is so important to her.
Jodie assists Alex in navigating her options and the related paperwork in order to find a home, a job, a nursery for Maddie, and the funding she is entitled to. Capricorns tend to take a little while to warm up to but they are motivated by their duties and take responsibility very seriously.
Jodie demonstrates these qualities: she initially comes across as a little cold, however, it becomes clear that she is simply blunt and to the point when doing her job to the very best of her ability, assisting Alex in accessing the resources she needs.
Alex’s mother, Paula, has a big personality and there are both positive and negative aspects of her mother-daughter relationship with Alex. While she can be unreliable, she clearly loves Alex and Maddie and wants a better life for them than she has.
Just like other Aquarians, Paula is quirky and incredibly creative – she is always creating something out of nothing and embarking on her latest art project. Aquarians also tend to be quite spiritual and think conceptually rather than practically, which is demonstrated by Paula in the way she talks about things and the bohemian lifestyle that has.
Alex is the protagonist of the series and the entire show is about her building her life back up after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. Pisces character traits include sensitivity, perception, and imagination. These traits come naturally to Alex and this is demonstrated in the gentle nature and wisdom she has when it comes to understanding people and situations.
Her creativity and imagination are also demonstrated in her writing. Although Pisceans are not particularly known for their resilience and strength, Alex builds these characteristics as a response to the situations she is in, overcoming all obstacles.
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