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After the events of King of Black, Eddie Brock now shares the Venom symbiote between himself and his son Dylan Brock.
The Venom symbiote has had many hosts over the years, with the most consistent and popular of these being Eddie Brock. Despite that, Eddie isn’t the only Marvel hero who’s become accustomed to the alien symbiote, and another character is currently the symbiote’s primary host in Marvel Comics continuity. Since the events of King of Black, Eddie Brock now shares the Venom symbiote between himself and his son Dylan Brock.
This new status quo is a huge change of pace for Venom, and Ram V, Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch’s upcoming Venom series will feature both Eddie and his son. Given how different Eddie and Dylan will be in their roles, it makes sense that Eddie’s cosmic “King in Black” and Dylan’s more grounded “Lethal Protector” will follow different paths.
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The final arc of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s Venom run had Eddie and his son Dylan Brock preparing the Earth to fend off the invasion of Knull, the King in Black and the symbiote god. As valiant as these efforts were, even powerful heroes such as the Avengers were relatively helpless against the cosmic conqueror, who separated Eddie from Venom and killed the former.
Eddie’s consciousness lived on the symbiote hive codex and teamed up with Flash Thompson and Rex Strickland, who had bonded with a symbiote Tyrannosaurus, to fight back against Knull. Allying with symbiotes that were no longer controlled by Knull, Eddie’s team took the fight to the King in Black, with the Venom symbiote separating from Knull and bonding with the now resurrected Eddie once more.
Creating an axe out of the Silver Surfer’s board and Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, Venom defeated Knull. Using the power of the God of Light, he sent his body into the sun and killed him, taking his symbiote and his place as the King in Black. Now living in a home connected to the Symbiote Hive, he remotely controlled various symbiotes throughout the Marvel Universe, though this  greatly physically aged his human body in a matter of months.
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Though Eddie is theoretically still “Venom” given his black appearance in his King in Black form, the current host to the main Venom symbiote is Dylan. The younger Brock has spent much of his life either fighting or running and was thus unable to handle being a powerless civilian. Wanting to keep him out of trouble, Eddie had the Venom symbiote watch over the boy.
On the way home from school, Dylan ran into the villainous Jack O’Lantern. After Venom tried to scare him off, Dylan was shot in the chest, which compelled the symbiote to bond with him in order to heal him. The result was an all-new, all-different version of Venom that was noticeably larger than his previous forms as he made quick work of Jack O’Lantern. This bigger Venom was also somewhat “edgier” in appearance, with chain-like webs recalling characters such as fellow Todd McFarlane creation Spawn. Eddie appeared and remarked that he knew this would happen, giving his son all the best as the new Venom.
From here, the more cosmic ambitions of Eddie Brock will be one part of the upcoming Venom comic book, while Dylan’s adventures as the new Lethal Protector will have a more street-level scope to them. With this setup, Marvel continues to push the more cosmic narrative of Eddie Brock’s Venom while maintaining the symbiote’s hero roots as a street-level hero.
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