WWE RAW – Best and worst- Unfortunate change of character for female Superstar, New member to join The Hurt Business? – Sportskeeda

There was a lot to like about WWE RAW this week. Quite honestly, this episode set the stage for the upcoming season in a far better manner than SmackDown did.
That said, even Michael Bay cannot make a three-hour piece of visual art without its share of faults, and yes, this episode of WWE RAW was not perfect at all. Indeed, even the most loyal wrestling fans would agree that three hours of action can become cumbersome to sit through unless it’s a major pay-per-view. This brings us to this week’s edition of ‘Best and Worst’.
As always, feel free to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on how you thought the show played out. Did you think the season premiere of WWE RAW was a breath of fresh air?
Or did you think it was the same old song and dance?
It’s great that the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships are in the spotlight once more. It’s great to see actual tag teams get a chance, like Otis and Gable, The Dirty Dawgz, and The Street Profits.
Somehow, the tag team division has taken a bit of a backseat in the recent past, and this was a great way to remind the world about the depth of talent in the WWE RAW roster. That’s the good part.
Here’s the bad news. Somehow, it’s not all that exciting even now. The Riddle and Randy Orton skits are because both men have clearly defined characters. Ziggler and Roode, both extremely charismatic men, have no characters. Why should anyone root for or against them?
Do you guys agree that there’s just something missing when it comes to the WWE RAW Tag Team division?


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