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Collaborations between Fortnite and Marvel have always been massive hits among fans of both franchises. Over the years, a plethora of Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine have arrived on the island and helped in saving it.
Even in Chapter 2 Season 8, the Battle Pass contains Carnage, which is one of the most ferocious Marvel characters.
Having said that, even Fortnite’s lore has many characters that could have assisted the Avengers in their adventures.
Here are five characters from Fortnite that are strong enough to take on cosmic threats and are worthy enough to enter the Marvel universe.
Marvel fans can see Mecha Team Leader as Fortnite’s Hulkbuster. The giant suit is full of explosive abilities, and could have been a great ally to the Avengers in Infinity War.
Singularity is what makes the Mecha Team Leader even more powerful. She is arguably one of the smartest characters in the Fortnite lore, and is simply ideal for controlling a powerful machine like the Mecha Team Leader.
A.I.M. is another robotic outfit in Fortnite that was created to survive in extreme conditions such as ice.
A.I.M. is not only durable but boasts sharp combat abilities. It is the perfect asset for the Avengers team, and Marvel fans can look at it as Fortnite’s own War Machine.
Midas built Cyclo to defeat the storm, which is enough to prove that it is a lethal machine. Midas Rex’s armor and back bling are often considered the strongest in Fortnite, and interestingly, Cyclo’s armor and back bling are largely similar to them.
Cyclo is closely related to Midas, and this is one of the most significant advantages of having him on the Avengers team.
As the name suggests, Galaxy Scout is a Galaxy-themed skin that might be as powerful as Captain Marvel.
The character seems to have specific cosmic abilities like destroying planets and solar systems. Naturally, Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot, Star Lord, and others) would be delighted to have such an ally.
Hybrid was a ninja that was specifically built to kill and defend. As per Fortnite lore, the Prisoner stole several dragon eggs from the Ice King’s dungeon and created Hybrids with them.
As a species, Hybrids are bipedal dragon-like structures that possess the power of fire and dragons. The Avengers lack a dragon-like companion, and Hybrid can undoubtedly fill that spot.
As of now, Fortnite Island is going through many changes due to the arrival of the Cube Queen. The cubes will soon rearrange themselves in The Convergence, and players can expect the return of several old POIs.


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