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Enjoy a thorough behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and learn all the secrets from Disney Plus.
Marvel Studios productions take a lot of work, whether they are on the big or small screen. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was a particularly convoluted shoot. Not only did they have the typical workload associated with such an intense show, but they also packed Marvel production value into a television series.
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On top of it all, they worked through the COVID-19 pandemic, earthquakes, shoot relocations, and more. Marvel decided to collect all of their extras and put them together into a documentary-like format, giving the fans a unique behind-the-scenes look at making the origin story for the MCU’s new Captain America.
Isaiah Bradley was an exciting addition to the cast of the series. As a controversial character in the comics, Bradley did not even cross most fans’ minds that he would be introduced to the MCU. His premiere in the show was a later addition, according to Assembled.
It was revealed that the idea of Bradley being included in the cast had been floated but became a much more significant part of the show with the later addition of coveted writer Malcolm Spellman came on the scene. It turned out to also be a controversial move on the show, with some fans loving the addition and others feeling he was one more cog weighing down the story of the series.
In Marvel Comics, Sam Wilson is a scrappy young man from Harlem in New York City. Most fans assumed that would be the origin of Sam in the MCU as well – until the premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Then, the MCU revealed that their iteration of Sam Wilson grew up in Louisiana, son of parents who made their living in a world of fishing.
Assembled revealed that the creative team made this choice to echo the background of actor Anthony Mackie more than his on-screen alter ego, directly pulling from his life growing up in Louisiana. It helped bring more depth to Falcon and make the character more personal for Mackie as he learns how to be the new Captain America.
Costumes in the MCU are like their own characters – or at least like an extension of the characters. In the season finale of Falcon, Sam Wilson finally accepted the mantle thrust on him by his mentor and best friend, Steve Rogers. He did not do it in the typical style of Cap, though.
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One of the most stand-out parts of that costume was the updated, unique cowl across Wilson’s face. It was so detailed and advanced that the costume department couldn’t build it as only a physical piece. Much of the cowl was VFXed in after the fact.
Though most viewers assumed that the criminal island of Madripoor scenes had been shot on location or a Hollywood soundstage, it wasn’t. This behind-the-scenes look revealed that though shooting at a remote area was the initial plan, that all changed one night.
As director Kari Skogland and production designer Ray Chan struggled to find the perfect locale, Skogland suddenly realized that the back alleys right in Atlanta provided the cramped, enclosed feeling they needed. A little set design magic, and suddenly those alleys created one of the most dangerous islands in the MCU.
Black Panther was a sensation for so many reasons. From the brilliant performance of the late Chadwick Boseman to the intriguing villain of Killmonger, fans loved so much of what the movie had to offer and for what it brought to the MCU. However, one of the fan favorites from this fan-favorite was the bodyguard to the throne of Wakanda, the Dora Milaje.
Fans loved seeing a trio of Dora Milaje’s come to retrieve Baron Zemo to pay for his crimes against Wakanda. Ayo, played by Florence Kasumba, returned yet again and got some actual screentime this go-round. The best part was her revelation that the Dora Milaje’s stay in touch when not filming and stay ready to answer any call Marvel may have for them throughout the year—being a Dora Milaje doesn’t all stop when the cameras do.
Sharon Carter was a character that started with a lot of promise in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Yet, her potential was somewhat wasted over the years, with her only other significant appearance being in Captain America: Civil War Falcon gave her more screentime, though it did make some fans wonder about her future as the Power Broker.
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Assembled revealed that the powers behind the camera have been working since the Civil War to get Sharon, played by Emily VanCamp, back onto the screens. According to Nate Moore, and Executive Producer of the series,  Marvel Studios has long wanted to get Sharon back into the game, floating ideas for her in  Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but the scheduling just never worked until this series.
Though a much more serious show than WandaVision, the show’s actors are known for being big jokers. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have been pranking each other since they appeared together in The Winter Soldier. Onscreen, Sam and Bucky are both friends and foes, their personalities clashing.
Offscreen, it is a friendship beloved through the fandom, and audiences were happy to see that Daniel Brühl fit right in, taking this funny duo to a hilarious trio. Assembled even gave viewers a look at an ad-like spot they produced like the ones punctuating WandaVision, with Brühl as Zemo acting as the spokesperson for Suitkovia, a suit shop in his home Sokovia.
Speaking of Brühl, Assembled also revealed that Baron Zemo was not a part of the initial plot. Nate Moore, exec. producer of the show, was the one who revealed that Zemo was part of the equation that revealed itself as they worked more on the storyline and individual plots of the series. With the idea of redemption, tying up loose ends, and the politics involved in the story, Zemo’s return seemed like a natural step to the creative team.
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They even included the comic mask that the fans, and Brühl, so desperately wanted after his stint without it in Civil War.
The shoot for the series was plagued by the typical holdups and the issues of multiple natural disasters and an international pandemic that shut down many portions of the world. When getting ready to travel to Puerto Rico early in 2020 to shoot all of the Latvia scenes, an earthquake rocked the country. Once Marvel determined that it was safe to shoot there, another earthquake hit, changing the decision.
Ever adaptable, the series moved their Latvia scenes to shoot in Prague. Once there, the COVID-19 pandemic escalated to the point of lockdown, and on a nerve-wracking night, the production had to focus on getting everyone out before they got stuck there indefinitely. After seven long months and a lot of verification that they could shoot safely for the actors, crew, and locals, they were allowed to return to Prague to get those scenes done.
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