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A guide to the voice actors behind the new Netflix adult animated series “Inside Job”, what you’ve seen them in and the characters they portray.
Netflix’s new adult animation Inside Job boasts a great vocal cast, including Christian Slater and Lizzy Caplan. Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls, has an executive producer credit on the series. The comedy is already receiving great reviews for its irreverent take on fake news and current issues.
Inside Job revolves around the shadow government, Cognito Inc., the organization responsible for committing the conspiracies of the world. This office comedy features everyone from reptilians to half-dolphins, but centers around Reagan Ridleym played by Cloverfield’s Lizzy Caplan. Reagan is a genius who thinks she can make a difference. The problem is her unhinged father, Randy, and her completely irresponsible coworkers.
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The show premiered on October 22, 2021, and Netflix has already ordered season 2 for 2022. Inside Job also boasts a variety of voice cast. Some are big-name screen actors while others are familiar voices in the world of adult animation.
Despite being anti-social and working for a conspiracy organization, Inside Job’s Reagan is an optimist who believes that the world can be improved. This ambitious genius is played by Lizzy Caplan, who rose to fame as Janis Ian in the iconic Mean GirlsMore recently, she starred as Annie Wilkes in Stephan King’s Castle Rock or Virginia Johnson in Masters of Sex.
Reagan’s father, Randy, is the opposite of his daughter. The former CEO of Cognito has seen too much and become paranoid. Fired after nearly exposing the deep state, he seeks revenge (while currently unemployed, supported by his daughter). Slater plays the out-of-control TV dad in Inside Job’s voice cast. Slater has become well known as an actor, recently playing the aptly-named Slater on Archerbut is also largely known for his film work, including Heathers and True Romance.
Inside Job’s Brett Hand leads a duel life: he works as a yes-man in Washington, playing himself off as a fratboy type. Meanwhile, underneath, he is much more sensitive and concerned with the welfare of others. Duke is an up-and-comer, recently playing Thunk in The Croods: A New AgeHe can also be seen in the final season of The Office or in Mark Millar adaptation Kick-Ass.
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Gigi is a public relations officer, in charge of Media Manipulation and Subliminal Messages. She is also Inside Job’s office gossip who always minds everyone else’s business. Campbell voices Tawney Young in the Harley Quinn show but is also known for her onscreen roles in The Bold and the Beautiful and Empire.
After Randy was ousted, J.R. Scheimpough took over as CEO. This smooth-talker is voiced by Andrew Daly, who is known for his roles on American DadHarley Quinn, and Big MouthHe is also known for playing Ken on Veep.
Glenn Dolphman is as his surname suggests: he’s half-dolphin, half-human. He is also a supersoldier, overseeing weapons at Cognito. This Inside Job character is voiced by John DiMaggio, known best for playing Bender in Futurama, Jake in Adventure Time, and the King in Netflix’s Disenchantment.
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What is a cartoon without a robot side-kick? Chris Diamantopoulos, known as part of the documentary crew for The Office voices ROBOTUS. Riley’s robotic president is a leader that Cognito can finally completely control.
Dr. Andre is Inside Job‘s answer to Dr. Feelgood. He’s a free spirit who experiments with narcotics. Bobby Lee, the voice behind him, is best known for playing Kenneth Park in A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas as well as Jin Jeong in the reboot of Magnum P.I. 
Perhaps Inside Job’s weirdest character is Magic Myc, a psychic, sarcastic mushroom-like alien creature. His species gifted humanity intelligence, and now he provides a chemical used in memory eraser guns at Cognito. Brett Gelman is best known for his roles in Stranger Things (Murray Bauman) and Fleabag (Martin).
Grey Griffin – Grey Griffen recurs in various small roles throughout Inside Job. She is known for voicing Catwoman in the video game Batman: Arkham City, as well as Daphne in Scooby-Doo: Guess Who?
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Josh Robert Thompson – Josh Robert Thompson also lends his voice to various roles in Inside Job. He has also voiced various recurring characters on Family Guy, including Morgan Freeman and Donald Trump.
Will Blagrove – Will Blagrove voices various characters, including Jay-Z and a Crisis Actor. He has appeared in shows such as Broad CityGossip Girl and even a Sim in video game The Sims 3.
Alex Hirsch – The executive producer and showrunner of Gravity Falls also appears in Inside Job voice cast playing various background parts.
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