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Many characters from the Golden Age of Marvel Comics have changed significantly but there are a few that remain largely the same.
Marvel is one of the most popular entertainment companies in the world. They’ve created some of the most respected heroes and dangerous and intimidating foes for them to fight. While they found their greatest comic successes in the Silver Age, Marvel started publishing comics back in the Golden Age. While most of their Golden Age characters aren’t nearly as popular or long-lasting as DC’s, some of them have stood the test of time.
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One would assume that in eighty years, the origins of these characters would change but for some that wasn’t the case at all. Their origins are basically the same, even a century later.
Golden Age superheroes were a more generic lot and Silver Scorpion was a perfect example of that. Betty Barstow was a secretary who foiled a robbery at a costume party and decided to become a superhero. It’s a simple origin and one that there was no reason to change, so it’s stayed the same all of these years.
Silver Scorpion isn’t exactly the most well-known Marvel heroine, so that may be why her origin never changed. She fought the Axis powers on the homefront throughout WWII and was made an honorary Invader, but she hasn’t made a ton of appearances since her Golden Age heyday.
There have been several Whizzers over the years, which is pretty surprising with a name like that. The first was Robert Frank, who got his superspeed powers after he was bit by a cobra and his father injected him with mongoose blood. The blood interacted with his mutant physiology and he gained superspeed, which led to him becoming the Whizzer.
The Whizzer has made a lot of appearances over the years and was even thought to be one of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s parents back in the day. He’d join the Invaders and use his powers to take down the Nazi menace.
Miss America was a member of the Invaders and would go on to marry the Whizzer. The niece of a millionaire, she gained her powers when she was struck by lightning during an experiment her uncle was carrying out. She gained superhuman strength, stamina, and durability, as well as the power to fly. She used these powers as Miss America, helping to strike back against the Axis powers.
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Miss America and Whizzer were thought to be Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s parents, but they weren’t. She’d eventually die of radiation poisoning on a mission she and Whizzer went on, but not before birthing the villain Nuklo.
Blazing Skull’s origin is interesting, to say the least. A war correspondent covering the Second Sino-Japanese War, he took refuge from a Japanese bombardment and met the Skull Men. This ancient order of monks told him he had a destiny as a great champion for good and took him in, teaching him their ways. This would start as invulnerability to fire but change as the years went on, allowing him to become a fiery skeleton.
Blazing Skull joined the Invaders, both in the Golden and Modern Age, using his abilities to fight evil for decades and no one ever tried to change his origin.
The Avenger’s android Vision wasn’t the first character with that name. There was a Vision in the Golden Age and he was much stranger than the synthezoid that came after. This Vision hailed from a place called the Smokeworld and was a Keeper of Law. After hunting down the Smokeworld’s first murderer in centuries and banishing him to Earth’s dimension, he decided to stay and fight evil.
Vision joined the Invaders, helping out against the Axis powers and would make a few appearances in later years but has mostly been overshadowed by the android that was inspired by his name.
The first Human Torch was one of Marvel’s first superheroes. An android created by Phineas Horton, he would battle Namor several times before the threat of the Axis powers reared its ugly head. Human Torch, along with his sidekick Toro, joined the war effort, fighting alongside Captain America and his former foe Namor, becoming one of the most powerful members of the Invaders.
Human Torch’s origin would remain the same but his body got used a lot over the years, serving as the basis for the Vision. He’s made several returns as well, but his origin was never changed. There was really no need, as his origin is pretty great.
Bucky has changed a lot over the years but one thing that has stayed the same is his origin. After losing his family, he became the camp mascot for Camp Lehigh, eventually meeting Captain America and helping him out in his battle against the Axis. While changes were made to his time in WWII, where he was retconned into a capable black ops operator, his origin remained the same.
Bucky’s return to life in the mid-’00s was a huge deal, as it was always joked that he was one of the few Marvel characters that would remain dead. Fans were happy about his return and he’s become a multimedia star since.
The Red Skull is Captain America’s greatest foe and he made his first appearance back in the Golden Age. Handpicked by Hitler as the ultimate Nazi, the Red Skull was personally responsible for taking down Captain America and made many tries at it. Like many Golden Age characters, additions have been made to his origin, mostly as flavor, but it was never really changed.
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Red Skull would continue committing atrocities into the present day, a constant thorn in Captain America’s side and one of Marvel’s all-time great villains, having stood the test of time.
Namor is one of the strongest aquatic superheroes ever and, along with former nemesis Human Torch, is also one of Marvel’s first superheroes. Both appeared in Marvel Comics #1 and while Namor’s status as a mutant has been added to the character, he has the same origin. His father was a ship’s captain who impregnated an Atlantean princess and nine months later, Namor was born.
Namor’s exploits in the Marvel Universe since then have been legendary, as he’s been an Invader, an Avenger, and an X-Man, fought all of them and the Fantastic Four, hung out with Doctor Doom, and so much more.
Captain America is Marvel’s most inspiring hero. He’s also the publisher’s most timeless character. So many other characters have gone through changes over the years but not Cap; his Golden Age origin is the same now as it was eighty years ago. There’s even been relatively few additions to it, as it’s apparently considered perfect, Vita-Rays and all.
Captain America is one of Marvel’s greatest heroes and so his origin is basically set in stone. While there are some aspects that aren’t the greatest, like the aforementioned Vita-Rays, they’re all a part of the legend of Captain America and remained untouched over the years.
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