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It takes lots of courage to do what a lot of Marvel villains do, challenging some of the most skilled and powerful heroes around.
Many Marvel villains are known for their bravery. Some of these dangerous and intimidating villains can be quite cowardly but not all of them. It takes certain wherewithal to do what a lot of villains do, challenging some of the most skilled and powerful heroes around. It doesn’t matter how many times they lose, they just keep going, battling their foes and trying to win.
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It doesn’t matter what’s thrown at them, some villains will keep fighting. It doesn’t matter how powerful their foes are, they will always attack. Just because they’re evil doesn’t mean they aren’t brave.
Thanos is a special case when it comes to brave villains. To begin with, it’s kind of easy for him to be brave, as there are few in existence that can defeat him. What makes him brave is that he’ll actively seek out those beings who can defeat him and try to beat them. For example, in order to get the Infinity Gems, Thanos had to defeat the Elders of the Universe, powerful cosmic beings.
Thanos doesn’t just attack those weaker than him; he fights everybody, regardless of who they are. Thanos will throw himself into situations where he should almost certainly die, yet always comes out on top.
Doctor Doom has long been one of the bravest villains on Earth. There’s something about someone who will face down a being like the Beyonder, surviving long enough to drain its omnipotent might, like Doom did in the first Secret Wars. Doom has fought Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, defeated Galactus and turned him into a battery for Latveria, and literally became God; nothing phases him.
Doom is too arrogant to be afraid. His bravery comes from his rock-solid core of belief that he’s the greatest, and everything should bow to him. In Doom’s mind, he is an epic conqueror and he will stop at nothing to prove that to the rest of existence.
Baron Zemo is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous people on Earth because of his keen tactical mind. Baron Zemo has committed terrible acts for years, challenging himself against the Avengers and Captain America, constantly trying to prove that he’s greater than them. The fact that Zemo aims so high proves just how brave he is.
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Zemo doesn’t go in for half measures; he’s a headhunter and wants to defeat the best. While he may insulate himself with groups like the Masters of Evil, he has no problem entering the fray and fighting it out with the toughest heroes there are.
Bullseye is one of the most dangerous mercenaries around; everything he touches is a weapon and the man loves his work. Bullseye works for the highest bidder but he would totally kill for free if it came down to it. He loves throwing himself into battle with the toughest heroes he can because fighting is what he lives for. His bravery comes from a simple place: he’s thoroughly insane.
Much like his arch-foe Daredevil, nothing frightens Bullseye. All that matters to him is getting to use his skills again and he’ll do anything for that. As long as there is a target, Bullseye will try to hit it.
Kang the Conqueror has been fighting for a long time. Even before he ever tested himself against the Avengers, he was the type to throw himself at an army of foes with only the weapons systems of his armor and his skills. All that matters to him is winning and he’ll stop at nothing to prove that he’s a brutal conqueror.
This only compounded since he started battling the Avengers; Kang wants to prove that he could defeat the greatest heroes in history. For a time, he had a device in his armor that allowed him to transfer consciousness to a clone body, but he did away with it because it was making him weak. Kang knows nothing other than bravery.
Carnage is one of the deadliest villains Spider-Man ever faced. It’s not just because of his symbiote, although that’s certainly a part of it. The main reason is because the only thing that brings him pleasure is killing, and that’s where his twisted bravery comes from. Carnage wants to kill more than anything; this desire spurs him on.
Carnage is brave because that’s how he gets his kills in. He knows that every time he goes on one of his killing sprees, he’s going to encounter resistance. That doesn’t matter to him. The odds can be completely against him and he wouldn’t stop.
To really understand Green Goblin’s bravery, one has to look at his time as leader of the Dark Avengers. In order to keep his power base secure, he manipulated the Sentry into doing his bidding, knowing at any time the Void could show up and nuke the whole thing with a thought. On top of that, he led an invasion of Asgard.
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Osborn’s ambition fuels his bravery. Green Goblin wants to prove he’s better than his foes and has cheated death more times than anyone can count because he never flinches. It doesn’t matter the odds or the consequences, Green Goblin just keeps moving forward.
Mystique is one of the most dangerous mutants on Earth. She’s honed her fighting skills for years and her shapeshifting powers give her the ability to infiltrate anywhere. She’s been a massive success in the black ops world because her powers and skills are only matched by her bravery. To do what Mystique does, and be so good at it, takes an iron core that knows no fear.
That’s Mystique in a nutshell. Nothing daunts her. She will keep going, regardless of how bad the odds are or how much her foes have her outclassed. Mystique’s bravery is only matched by her style and panache.
Sabretooth has been fighting for a long time; nearly all of his life has been some kind of battle for him. While his healing factor, super senses, razor-sharp claws and teeth, and superhuman strength and agility have made things easy for him in some ways, it’s his reckless bravery that makes him so dangerous. There’s nothing more dangerous than a person who knows they can’t be hurt.
Sabretooth luxuriates in torturing his foes and violence is his life. This is a man who doesn’t know how to back down. He loves what he does and while he might not be the best, nothing stops him.
Toad has been a member of nearly every incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. His powers are the ability to jump really high and have a prehensile tongue, yet he’s constantly trying to prove himself against the X-Men. Toad spent years getting abused by Magneto and other villains, yet he never gave up or stopped fighting.
Toad is way braver than he seems. Anyone with his powers who was willing to go up against who he did and put up with what he did has more bravery than meets the eye. Toad will never get the credit he deserves but that doesn’t mean it isn’t due.
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