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The New Mutants started out as mutants in training and became one of the best mutant teams out there, and here are their most powerful members.
When the X-Men formed, they were all young mutants, brought in by Professor Charles Xavier to mentor, teaching them how to use their powers and help change how the world looked at mutants. When they were grown, it was time for a new generation, and the New Mutants formed. Much like the originals, these mutants had powerful abilities but needed to learn how to use their powers.
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This played out in the New Mutants movie that Fox made before losing the rights back to Disney and Marvel. These mutants had little control over their powers but it was clear they were very powerful teenagers with a bright future. This is the same in comics, and many of these young heroes grew into leaders and powerful mutants in their own rights.
Armor is a lesser-known member of the New Mutants. She originally came to the Xavier Institute when the training squad system started and she worked with Kitty Pryde’s squad. She was a member of the X-Men after being one of the few to retain her powers after M-Day and has worked with the New Mutants on Krakoa in modern times.
Armor’s powers allow her to create a giant psionic exoskeleton-armor around her body. This armor is powerful, impenetrable, and durable and she can make it stronger by pulling in strength from her Japanese bloodline. What holds her back power-wise is that her armor is vulnerable to lasers and Adamantium.
Mirage was the main hero in the movie New Mutants, using her surname Moonstar. She was also an original member of the team when Professor X formed them, training early on to master her powers. These powers involve telepathy and empathic illusion casting.
This combination allows Mirage to pull whatever a person fears or desires out telepathically and then create an illusion to play on that. She can also send psionic arrows to stun a person or force someone to relive their greatest fears. She lost her powers after M-Day, but she went through the Crucible on Krakoa to die and resurrect with her powers returned.
Warlock showed up early in the New Mutants series, arriving on Earth and seeking help from a father who wanted him dead. He is not a mutant, but the team accepted him into their ranks and he remains there today thanks to his connection to Doug Ramsey.
His powers include the ability to shapeshift thanks to the fact he is a techno-organic alien. He can even appear human when he wants. He also controls nanites and can repair and upgrade his body when needed. As for offensive powers, he can use the nanites to replicate weapons in battle as well.
Strong Guy got his start living on Muir Island when Shadow King tried to take over. When Shadow King fell, he moved on to work with X-Factor and X-Factor Investigations before eventually joining the New Mutants.
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Strong Guy’s mutant powers are superhuman strength. He can absorb kinetic energy and then enhance his strength. He has been powerful enough to lift up to 100 tons before. However, this is extremely limited, as he can only expend this energy for 90 seconds.
Boom-Boom got her start when X-Factor found her and brought her in for her safety to train. After she worked with them, she eventually joined the New Mutants and ended up as one of the first members of X-Force when they broke off from Xavier’s Institute.
She has explosive powers as a mutant, the ability to create balls of plasma that she has called time bombs. As her name indicates, she uses these bombs to create a concussive impact and can even create ones the size of beach balls.
Magma was the child of a Senator from Nova Roma in Brazil, and she went into hiding for her own safety when the mutant Selene threatened his land. She remained in hiding until the New Mutants found her and brought her back to join them, realizing she was a mutant.
As for her powers, Magma has geokinesis, which is controlling the movement of the tectonic plates. This means she can cause earthquakes. She can also cause magma to rise and burst through the surface of the planet. Her powers make her a danger, though, as she can’t always control them when angry.
Rictor was another mutant who got his start when X-Factor found him and took him in to train. Along with Boom-Boom, Rictor joined up with the New Mutants and then worked for X-Force when they broke off from Xavier’s Institute.
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Rictor can connect himself with the forces of the Earth, similar to Storm. He has geokinesis, which allows him to manipulate and move the Earth, throwing rocks and causing explosions from the surface. He can also cause seismic vibrations from his hands, causing shock waves.
Cannonball was one of the first members of the New Mutants and he was also a leader for that team as well as X-Force, which replaced his former team in Marvel Comics. While he was shown in the movie to have limited control of his powers, he is one of the most powerful and competent members of the team in the comics.
Cannonball can launch himself like a rocket and create an almost unstoppable force. He was shown at one time to be strong enough to take out Gladiator of the Imperial Guard, a man compared to Superman in power levels.
Sunspot is an original member of the New Mutants, one of the first recruits for Charles Xavier’s new students. He struggled for a long time to control his powers and often didn’t want to try since he was worried he would kill someone or hurt his own teammates on accident.
However, Sunspot gained full control of his powers over time and became a powerful hero, even leading his own Avengers team at one time. Sunspot can absorb solar radiation and then re-channel it in various ways. He can fly, can increase his strength up to 50 tons, and can shoot energy blasts.
The most powerful member of the New Mutants is Illyana Rasputina. This is because she is more than just a mutant. She first appeared as Colossus’s little sister, and soon she proved to have mutant powers and joined the New Mutants. She can use stepping discs to teleport across interstellar distances.
However, she is more powerful than that. She spent a lot of time in Limbo and she ended up becoming the Sorceress Supreme of that dimension, where she is the most powerful magic-user in that dimension and can use similar powers when on Earth as well.
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