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Corrections that appeared in print on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021.
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A picture caption with an article on Tuesday about modern Israeli identity misidentified a cafe in Haifa. It is Rai, not Fattoush. Both are known for welcoming Jews and Arabs.
An article on Monday about mistakes that Amazon made in handling paid and unpaid leave, using information provided by Amazon, misstated the status of the company’s efforts to identify and repay workers who had been shortchanged while on leave. The company finished this year, it is not still repaying them.
An article on Monday about a shortage of sanitation workers in U.S. cities misstated the recent pay increases for some sanitation workers in Dallas. Contract employees received a bump to $15.21 an hour, not $13.20 an hour, which was up from $12.38 an hour, not $12.28 an hour. The article also misstated the previous base pay rate for truck drivers employed by the city. It was $16.50 an hour, not $12.28 an hour.
An article on Wednesday about Claudette Colvin, a civil rights pioneer, erroneously attributed a distinction to Calvin L. Williams, the judge hearing Colvin’s case. He is not the first Black judge to serve on Alabama’s 15th Judicial Circuit Court.
Because of an editing error, an article on Wednesday about the second New York City mayoral debate described incorrectly a 19th-century opera referenced by Curtis Sliwa. Pagliacci is the name of the opera and means “clowns” in Italian; it is not the name of a character in the opera.
An item on Wednesday about recent real estate transactions in New York, relying on information supplied by the broker, misstated the construction date of the building at 23-15 Astoria Boulevard in Queens. It was built in 2016, not 2013.
An article on Sunday about the basketball player Kris Wilkes, relying on information from Mr. Wilkes, described incorrectly his insurance coverage. It was permanent total disability, not loss of value.
A book review on Wednesday of “The Shattering” by Kevin Boyle misstated the timing of the armistice that ended the Korean War. It was signed within nine months of President Eisenhower’s election, not within six months of it.
An article on Wednesday about possible replacements for Mark Zuckerberg as the chief executive of Facebook misstated the given name of Facebook’s next chief technology officer. He is Andrew Bosworth, not Adam.
An obituary on Oct. 19 about the former secretary of state and national security adviser Colin L. Powell misspelled the given name of a former defense secretary for whom he had been senior military assistant. He was Caspar Weinberger, not Casper.
Errors are corrected during the press run whenever possible, so some errors noted here may not have appeared in all editions.
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