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There are hundreds of Marvel characters with strong aesthetic identities that lend themselves perfectly to Pokémon teams.
There are many ways to go about building a Pokémon team – competitive viability, mono-type, or even just playing with favorites – but building a team around a theme can be a fun exercise. Placing a limitation like this can be a good way to find Pokémon that would otherwise be overlooked, or to think about popular Pokémon in a new way.
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There are hundreds of Marvel characters with strong aesthetic identities that lend themselves perfectly to Pokémon teams. Marvel themes might not be the most competitively viable, but they will be fun to assemble.
The man-out-of-time Captain America is one of the most famous Marvel characters around, and it’s hard to find a better start to this team than Braviary. A bald eagle with a red, white, and blue color scheme, Braviary is the perfect companion for Cap. His hand-to-hand combat prowess can be represented in a Fighting-type Pokémon like Lucario, and his loyalty is well matched by Gardevoir. For his iconic shield, Bastiodon provides a nice analog. Finally, Gyarados’ humble beginnings as a Magikarp reflect Steve’s own life before the super-soldier serum made his physical strength match his strength of character.
The Champions are home to a new generation of heroes looking to save the Marvel Universe from anything it has to throw at them. Ms. Marvel herself can be represented by Mienshao, whose flowing fur echoes her costume’s scarf and her elasticity powers. Her co-leader Miles Morales is best represented by Galvantula, a spider with electric powers just like Miles’ sting ability. Other champions Viv Vision, Brawn, Dust, and Falcon are on this team as Porygon 2, Machamp, Hippowdon, and Pidgeot respectively.
There are hundreds of X-Men to choose from, but this team is bringing just the classics. Oranguru is the wise psychic leader of the team, just like Professor X. Jean Gray is psychic, but also often plays host to the Phoenix Force, making the psychic bird Xatu a great match. Her often-times partner Cyclops can be represented by Golduck with Hyper Beam, whose forehead gem is the same color as his trademark sunglasses. Rounding out the team are Zangoose as Wolverine, Avalugg as Iceman, and Zapdos as Storm.
The Hulk’s strength is his trademark, and this team delivers. Conkeldurr has an absolutely titanic attack stat, and Hulk is no stranger to using pieces of buildings as improvised weapons. Passimian is another muscle-bound Pokémon, with the added benefit of having a green color scheme, and Buzzwole can represent the alternate Red Hulk identity.
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Primeape is driven by rage, just like the Hulk, and Morpeko changes forms based on mood. Finally, Alakazam can represent the genius intellect of Bruce Banner.
Spider-Man is hands down Marvel’s most iconic character. Whether as Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or any other secret identity, this down-to-earth hero is a classic. Ariados, Galvantula, and Araquanid are all spiders, getting this team off to a great start. Spider-Man is often defined by the loss of a parental figure, whether it be an actual parent or, more often, an uncle. Marowak similarly is defined by familial tragedy, making it a great addition to the team.
King T’Challa’s Pokémon team starts off strong with a literal panther, Persian. Galarian Meowth’s evolution Perrserker is clad in metal just like Black Panther and continues the feline theme.
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Luxray is the final cat-based Pokémon on this team, and its electric powers mimic the energy-redirection properties of the vibranium suit. Weavile is a stealthy claw-fighter with vaguely catlike features, and finally, Slowking adds a pinch of royalty to the party.
One of Marvel’s more street-level teams, this group consists, in its live-action form, of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist. Daredevil can be seen in Pokémon form as Scizor, whose red color scheme matches his perfectly. Luke Cage’s invulnerability and strength are matched by Aggron, with the added bonus of having the Sturdy ability. Finally, Iron Fist is here as the Pokémon Hitmonchan, specifically one with the Iron Fist ability.
Marvel’s first family is powerful and diverse in their skillsets, making them a great and balanced Pokémon team. Mr. Fantastic himself can be represented by Reuniclus, a similarly smart Pokémon with a malleable body. Sue Storm’s ability to turn invisible and create force fields can be replicated by a Diancie with the Clear Body ability and the moves Light Screen and Reflect.
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Her brother, the Human Torch, is a hotshot who can be represented here by Infernape. Finally, The Thing’s rocky body and immense strength are a great match for the classic Pokémon Golem.
These spacefarers have a revolving door of members in the comics, but this team is based on their MCU membership. The team’s leader Starlord is on this team as Typhlosion. Peter Quill is hotheaded, and Typhlosion’s quills are made of red-hot flames. Drax the Destroyer is on this team as the squat Fighting type Throh, and Gamora’s green skin and fighting prowess can be replicated by Sceptile. Finally, Groot and Rocket Raccoon are represented by Trevenant and Linoone.
The Sinister Six have rotated members throughout the years, but their original makeup consisted of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio, Vulture, and Kraven the Hunter. On this team, Doctor Octopus is represented by the fairly obvious Octillery. Manectric shares a color palette and power scheme with Electro, and Sandman can be represented by the sand-castle Palossand. Vulture is another fairly easy pick with Mandibuzz. Finally, Mysterio’s signature spherical helmet is similar in appearance to the Ultra-Beast Blacephalon.
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