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Syfy’s Chucky brings back your favorite psychotic, serial killing doll, promising more mind games, torture, and bone-numbing darkness. Directly based on the Child's Play film franchise, this series reprises some fan favorites while adding a few new and interesting characters to the mix. The premise doesn’t really stray from the norm — boy buys demon doll, demon doll goes on a killing spree… and they don't live happily ever after. Against the backdrop of compulsive murder, there’s a web of stories strung together, which as usual aim to endear you to these characters before violently whisking them away.
The series itself was adapted by series creator Don Mancini as a direct sequel to the seventh installment of the movie franchise, Cult of Chucky, completely skipping over the 2019 remake. Following Season 1's release, it makes sense to have a quick once-over to check out who’s gracing the small screen in Syfy's Chucky.
Full name, Bradford Claude Dourif; he’s an accomplished actor with a Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, as well as an Oscar nomination. Some of his most notable feats in the industry include his roles in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Exorcist III, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Returning for the eponymous role of Chucky, he’s obviously the main character even though he’s in doll form for the most part. Before his doll-possessing days, he was the infamous Lakeshore Strangler. With the help of a little voodoo, he managed to transfer his soul into a Good Guy doll before kicking the bucket. Even in his afterlife, he goes on to terrorize more people (in a murderous way) while looking for a suitable human host.
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He may be on the young side, but Zachary Wheeler has already built up quite the enviable portfolio. His most memorable role, besides Jack Wheeler, of course, is as Sammy Sullivan in The 5th Wave, but that’s not the end of it. He has also appeared in Mom and Dad as well as the TV show Transparent. In some ways, Jake is the central character of the show, considering that he’s the one who unleashes Chucky on the people in his life. He’s basically this lonely character that’s looking for an artistic outlet when he stumbles upon a Good Guy doll that’s perfect for his art project. Part of his tortured soul persona is a result of the constant bullying he’s experiencing at home and at school. In some odd ways, Chucky ends up being the yin to his yang.
Born into a family already immersed in showbiz, it's almost poetic that Briones himself is an actor with quite the repertoire considering his age. He’s played both voice and on-screen roles, some of which include well-known shows like Ratched and Pretty Little Liars. On the voice acting end of things, he has featured in Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins. Junior is Jake’s cousin and by the looks of things, he’s pretty much in a bad place too. However, he overcompensates by laying it a little too heavy on the jock-ery. Pressure from his friends and parents often makes him come off as a major jerk.
His movie and TV experience may not be vast, but child star Björgvin Arnarson has a couple of credits in his portfolio. He's played roles in the Netflix thriller The Seventh Day as well as the shows Family Time and PEN15. Here, Devon is not exactly Jake’s love interest, but it’s evident that Jake has the hots for him anyway. However, he’s not just another pretty face, Devon is a true-crime mystery podcaster that is as curious as they come. He's also a friendly guy, and one of the few people that's nice to Jake.
Emmy-nominated actress, Alyvia Alyn Lind has been on the small screen since 2011, starring as Faith Newman in the Young and the Restless. In addition to that, she has quite the extensive filmography having played roles in movies and series like Revenge, See Dad Run, and Blended. In the spirit of your run-of-the-mill mean girl persona, Lexy is one of Jake’s worst nightmares. Besides picking on him relentlessly, she happens to be dating his cousin, which means she has more than one avenue to get to him.
Devon Sawa hit the spotlight in his teen years and has a vast library of credits to his name to show for it. Some of his most memorable roles include Owen Elliot in Nikita, Anton Tobias in Idle Hands, and Nico Jackson in Somewhere Between. Lucas Wheeler is in no way the poster boy for great fathers. He’s a twin — the less successful one — whose main pleasures lie at the bottom of a bottle and in undermining his son. On the other hand, Logan Wheeler is Junior’s dad and the more stable twin.
Fiona Dourif is quite accomplished as far as TV and film are concerned. Then there's the Chucky franchise where she is more than just a familiar face, she's a familiar name. Dourif followed firmly in the footsteps of her father who plays the titular character. Besides that, she’s also featured in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, The Blacklist, and The Purge TV series. In more ways than one, Nica is constantly tormented by Chucky —even before she was born. Her story pretty much picks up from where it ended in the Cult of Chucky.
Another returning character from the Child’s Play franchise, Alex Vincent is not just an actor, but he dabbles in writing and also works as a sound engineer. You can catch him in movies like House Guest, The Dark Military, and My Family Treasure. Andy was one of Chucky’s earliest choices in his search for a host, and the star of the first three Child's Play films. All grown up since his Child's Play days, Andy has since acquainted himself with all things Chucky. It only makes sense that since the evil doll tormented him for most of his life, he makes it his life’s goal to take him down.
No stranger to the franchise, Elise has featured in more than a handful of movies and TV series. Some of these include Beverly Hills, 90210, ER, and Body Snatchers. Kyle is not only bonded with Andy through their common foster home, but they both share the mission to end the sinister doll’s existence after the events of Child's Play 2.
Though she’s known as more of a comedy queen, Tilly is a multiple award-winning actress who’s held a long-standing role within the franchise. In addition to that, she’s featured in everything from Hey Arnold to Family Guy and even the 1994 film Bullets over Broadway which shot her into the spotlight. Serial killer fan girl and Chucky’s girlfriend from way before he started doll jumping, Tiffany is fiercely loyal and just as diabolical as her man.
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