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Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight 2 sees the return of the killer mutants, who are the result of a meteor oozing a strange, Venom-like substance.
Warning: Spoilers Ahead For Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight 2
Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight 2’s chaos is largely down to a meteor with a Venom-inspired black ooze inside of it. Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight 2 follows the well-received original movie from 2020, which bears the honor of being Poland’s first slasher film. The first Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight followed a group of teenagers who run afoul of two murderous mutant twins at their camp. The film featured some fun characters and a generous lashing of splattery gore.
Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight and its sequel are throwbacks to the horror films of the ’70s and ’80s. Its killer twins don’t feel too far removed from the cannibal family seen in Wes Craven’s Hills Have Eyes – or unofficial sequel Mind Ripper. It also feels like it owes a spiritual debt to the Wrong Turn franchise, particularly the Joe Lynch-directed sequel Dead End. Both movies even feature a sequence where a character is bisected with an ax.
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The mutant twins act as the main villain in the original, and return for Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight 2 in a reduced role. The first film explained they were once regular young boys who found a piece of a meteor in the woods near their home. They took part of it home with them, and one night it leaked a sentient black substance. This infected both of them, turning them into bloodthirsty creatures who kill and eat their own dog. Their mother keeps them locked away upon seeing this, but after she dies, they escape and go on a Wrong Turn 2/Friday The 13th-esque rampage.
Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight 2 expands somewhat on the origin of the meteor. The sequel sees Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight’s final girl Zosia return, only to get mutated by the same substance. She later infects another character – a young police officer named Adam – and the movie even reveals the monsters can talk to one another and have a degree of intelligence. Zosia explains the meteor came from the moon, and the “essence of evil” inside of it went into her. Neither movie has really expanded on what “it” is, though it somewhat resembles the symbiote from Venom, both in its black, oily surface, its space backstory and the fact it seems to be somewhat sentient.
Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight 2 and the original are basically what would happen if Venom was a low-budget slasher. In truth, the meteor is just there to kick the story into gear, which is probably why its backstory is left somewhat vague. If Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight 3 ever happens, it will no doubt reveal even more, especially as the government has captured the mutated Adam and are performing experiments to learn his capabilities.
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