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Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah donned one of this year’s most popular Halloween costumes in a Thursday morning tweet, showing off a full Ted Lasso costume from the hit Apple TV+ show.
In his caption of the GIF, Romney mixed up the tagline from “Ted Lasso” with that of the iconic TV show “Friday Night Lights.”
Romney appears to have been in the Halloween spirit as of late, posing for a photo with “Pierre Dog-lecto,” a nod to his infamous Twitter burner account under the moniker Pierre Delecto.
“Ted Lasso” has been one of the most popular streaming shows during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the show’s second season pulling off the illusion of full stadiums with CGI and extras shot in remote locations.
In addition to the main character’s signature mustache and sweater-khakis combination, Romney affixed a “believe” poster to the door of his office, a nod to the fictional soccer team AFC Richmond’s mantra. Before leaving the locker room, players in the show slap the poster in an American custom for good luck — though some real clubs like Liverpool also have placards that players slap on their way out of the tunnel.
While Ted Lasso costumes have proliferated this Halloween season, Netflix’s “Squid Game” has been topping sales with its character-related outfits in 2021, according to Forbes.
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