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There have been a lot of very smart heroes who have been Defenders over the years, giving the Marvel team a mixture of brains and brawn.
The Defenders have always been known as Marvel’s non-team, a group of heroes often brought together by chance. Over the years, there have been many iterations of the group, with a who’s who of superheroes passing through it. The adventures of the Defenders have been drama-filled and while the team doesn’t have the name recognition of the Avengers, X-Men, or Fantastic Four, they’re still an important part of Marvel history.
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Over the years, the Defenders have had some of the most powerful heroes around, but the team wasn’t just amazingly powerful. There have been a lot of very smart heroes who have been Defenders over the years, giving the team a mixture of brains and brawn.
Valkyrie was best known for her time with the Defenders, becoming one of the team’s toughest, most skilled members. A member of the New Defenders, she used her Asgardian strength and years of fighting experience to help the team defeat their foes and save the world many times over.
Valkyrie wasn’t exactly book smart, but her many years of life and knowledge of fighting showed how intelligent she was. She learned quickly and was one of the Defenders’ most clutch members in all kinds of situations. She may not have been inventing things but she was smarter than most people knew.
Iron Fist was a member of the street-level Defenders team that included Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. Iron Fist was the wealthiest member and ran his family business, a large corporation known as Rand Industries. He’s also a master of kung-fu, giving him a rather balanced approach to things.
He was no slouch as a detective and was a skilled pilot as well. While he wasn’t a doctor or anything like that, he has a wide variety of skills and he’s one of the smarter street-level heroes around. Doing what he’s done over the years isn’t easy and he’s proven up to the task mentally.
Jessica Jones has had a storied history in the Marvel Universe. She started her career as Jewel, a B-list hero who ran afoul of the Purple Man. His brutalization of her caused Jones to leave the hero game, start drinking, and become a private detective. She proved to be great at this, her deductive reasoning allowing her to figure things out quickly.
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She’d later join The Pulse magazine’s staff and prove that she was just as good of a writer as she was a detective. Jessica Jones is a smart cookie and that’s impossible to deny.
Misty Knight was a member of the Fearless Defenders, a group whose roster was completely composed of women. For years, Misty has worked with many street-level heroes, mostly teaming with Colleen Wing as the Daughters of the Dragon. Misty is a former NYPD detective and her skills have only grown over the years, making her one of the best detectives around.
Knight has a wide range of knowledge that allows her to be a proficient detective. She can figure her way out of any problem and given even the scantest clues, she can solve just about any case.
Daredevil is one of the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe, having beaten a who’s who of heroes and villains. His knowledge of fighting skills is just about unprecedented but that’s not the end of what he knows. Matt Murdock worked his way up from being a poor kid in Hell’s Kitchen to one of the top attorneys in New York City.
There’s no denying how smart Daredevil is. His knowledge of the law and fighting is amazing and while he isn’t going to be the next great scientist, he’s as smart as they come. He learns, adapts, and perseveres, using his brains as much as anything else.
Namor is one of the strongest aquatics heroes in comics but he’s more than just a tough combatant. Namor is the king of Atlantis and runs one of the largest countries on the planet. This takes a lot of brains and Atlantis is one of the most formidable kingdoms on the planet because of Namor’s rule. He’s outsmarted coup attempts and planned out attacks against his foes that have proven successful.
Beyond that, Namor knows more about the oceans than any surface dweller, giving him a wide variety of knowledge that most people don’t have.
Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe and he’s pretty smart as well. To begin with, he’s witnessed things that few other beings have, as he’s traveled the universe both as the herald of Galactus and on his own. He was a scientist on his homeworld of Zenn-La, giving him a good base of knowledge to start with. The Power Cosmic also gives him cosmic awareness, allowing him to understand the things he sees in a way that others don’t.
As one of the founding Defenders, Silver Surfer used his brains and the Power Cosmic to help the team win their fights. While he’s not the smartest hero around, Surfer is way more intelligent than he gets credit for.
While he’s more known for his shadiness nowadays, Beast is still one of the most intelligent people on the planet. There are few out there with more knowledge about mutants than him, and his time as a superhero has added to his knowledge. Like many other fellow Marvel scientists, Beast has become a jack of all scientific trades.
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Beast was responsible for the evolution of the Defenders into the New Defenders. While his scientific skill wasn’t the attribute he used the most with the team, it made things easier when they needed it.
Bruce Banner is another of the smartest people on Earth, but the Hulk usually isn’t. There have been a wide variety of Hulks over the years but most of them don’t take advantage of Banner’s intelligence. The Defenders’ Hulk is usually the more smashy and less scientific Hulk but that doesn’t change that he’s one of the smartest heroes on the team.
Bruce Banner has created some amazing technology over the years and his knowledge of physics is just about peerless. While he didn’t use it much as a Defender, he’s still one of the team’s smartest members.
Doctor Strange was once a top neurosurgeon, so even before his days as the Sorcerer Supreme, he was a smart cookie. This was just the beginning for him, though, as his years of mystical training made him into the most powerful sorcerer on the planet. This allowed him to expand his knowledge even more, as he experienced things that most mortals can’t even imagine.
Doctor Strange has long proven just how smart he is. His wide base of knowledge and the experiences his eldritch adventures have netted him make a multi-faceted hero. He’s easily the smartest member of the Defenders.
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