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These characters have aged nowhere close to real-time but that doesn’t mean that all of Marvel’s characters are like that.
Marvel‘s first superhero comic is over eighty years old and since then, the Marvel Universe has become one of the biggest franchises in pop culture. In all those decades, Marvel has been responsible for some of the greatest comics ever and gained legions of fans. That said, those same fans have had to overlook something important and that’s the age of the characters.
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This is especially pronounced with the characters who debuted in the Silver Age, many of whom have been around for over sixty years. These characters have aged nowhere close to real-time but that doesn’t mean that all of Marvel’s characters are like that. Some of them have aged in perceptible ways, even if it’s slower than the readers.
Of all of Marvel’s Silver Age characters, Spider-Man is one of the few who have actually aged at all over the years. Peter Parker was about fifteen when he first appeared and he’s aged into an adult in the last sixty years of real-time, which is better than some of his compatriots, who are basically the same age they’ve always been.
While Marvel tries to make him seem young, Spider-Man is at least twenty-five and probably closer to thirty than twenty. He’s been through a lot of changes over the years and actually aging is one of them.
Spider-Man wasn’t the only Silver Age Marvel teen superhero; the entire original roster of the X-Men was around his age as well, with Iceman probably a little younger and Beast and Cyclops possibly older. Much like him, they went from teenagers to adulthood in front of readers’ eyes and are now elder statesmen of Marvel’s heroes.
The original five X-Men are all probably in their late twenties, with Beast and Cyclops possibly in their thirties. Much like Spider-Man, they’ve aged in ways that original members of the Avengers or the Fantastic Four haven’t.
Kate Pryde first appeared in 1980 and she was around thirteen years old. Since then, she’s become one of the most important X-Men and is now probably somewhere in her mid to late twenties. So, while she hasn’t aged in real-time, she’s aged in about a quarter time, with a little over a decade of actual aging since her introduction.
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Kate has crammed a lot of development into that time, working with multiple teams, almost getting married, and basically becoming an amazing heroine. Unlike many of her fellows, she’s actually gotten a chance to grow up.
Cannonball first appeared in 1982. Part of his backstory was that he was already working in the coal mines to help support his family after his father died of black lung, so he was at least sixteen at that point. Since then, he’s aged probably about a decade, putting him solidly in his mid-twenties.
He was almost certainly the oldest member of the New Mutants and has aged in quarter time. Since then, he’s proven to be the most powerful member of his family and a fearsome hero, leading the New Mutants and X-Force, as well as being an X-Man, an Avenger, and a Shi’Ar Imperial Guardsman.
Franklin Richards first appeared as a nameless baby in 1968, not even getting a name until two years later. Since then, he’s aged very slowly and was around ten years old for just about the entirety of the ’90s. Something interesting happened in the last few years, though, as writers realized how glacially slow his aging was.
He’s become a teenager in the last ten years, so with his aging taken all together, he’s aged in about quarter time as well, even if his fastest aging took place in recent years. He hasn’t exactly grown up in front of readers’ eyes, but it’s better than his parents or Tony Stark.
Magik has proven to be one of the most powerful members of the Rasputin family, which is saying something, but she’s had some very strange aging. She first appeared as a small child in 1975 and wasn’t seen again for several years. She didn’t age much in that time but after being pulled into Limbo and coming out a teenager, she basically aged in real-time.
Since then, her artificial aging has actually made her age in half time, as she’s around twenty-five at this point but would be in her forties if she aged in real-time.
Jubilee first appeared as a thirteen-year-old mall rat and has aged pretty consistently over the years. By the end of the ’90s, she was about seventeen or eighteen and while her time as a vampire froze her aging, at this point she’s somewhere in her early to mid-twenties. She’s grown immensely as a hero and has become a respected X-Man in that time.
Jubilee’s aging looks even better when one realizes that each issue doesn’t take place a month later but often just days. So, while it’s not exactly real-time, it’s close enough and she’s grown with her fans quite well.
Miles Morales’s age is hard to pin down. Much like Peter, he was probably around fifteen when he debuted in 2011. With his shunting over to the 616 Marvel Universe, it’s hard to know if he got reset to that age or if he was the age he was at the time of the changeover. If one assumes his aging was started over in 2015 and he’s about eighteen right now, then his aging is pretty close to real-time.
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If not, it’s still pretty close. While it’s only quarter aging, putting him on par with others on this list, the fact that it’s not been as long makes it feel closer to real-time than those others.
Kamala Khan first appeared in 2013, gaining her impressive powers from the at that time recently released Terrigen Mists clouds. At that point, she was probably somewhere around fourteen or fifteen. Since then, she’s aged at a similar rate as Miles Morales. At the youngest, she’s seventeen and at the oldest, she’s about nineteen.
That’s anywhere between three to five years of aging since her debut, depending on how old she was at the time of gaining her powers. Again, the percentage is about the same as other older characters on this list but the lesser time she’s existed makes it closer to real-time.
Valeria Richards is the youngest child of Reed and Sue Richards. Unlike her older brother Franklin, it took her way fewer decades to reach teen age. With Franklin, it was about five decades. With Valeria, it’s only been about two. Like her brother, the lion’s share of her aging has been since 2010, and she’s now somewhere around thirteen or fourteen.
It’s possible she’s as young as eleven but not probable. This is probably the closest to one to one aging of any character in the Marvel Universe. She’s grown up in almost real-time in front of readers’ eyes, becoming one of the most entertaining FF characters.
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