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In Amazing Spider-Man #77, new web-slinger Ben Reilly turns to two Netflix heroes in hopes of getting some help in becoming a better hero.
WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #77, on sale now from Marvel Comics.
Ben Reilly has overcome more adversity than almost any other hero in the Marvel Universe. The Peter Parker clone has gone through countless deaths and rebirths, and has recently come to terms with the meaning of his very existence. Throughout everything Ben Reilly has gone from an awkward knockoff to a hero in his own right, and now thanks to some powerful benefactors he has even stepped back into the role of Spider-Man. Even better, he has brought along Misty Knight and Colleen Wing for the ride. While it looks like just another Spider-Man team-up on the surface, these Heroes for Hire might just be Ben Reilly’s only hope when things go south, even if none of them realize it yet.
Taking up the mantle of Spider-Man hasn’t been easy on Reilly, although the backing of the impossibly powerful Beyond Corporation has alleviated some of the pressure. Of course, the never ending resources and high tech suits come with their own stressors, not to mention the oversight of Beyond Corp’s ever present management. The pressure has been almost more than Ben could handle on his own, so he wisely took the time to reach out to Misty Knight and Colleen Wing for help in Amazing Spider-Man #75 (by Kelly Thompson and Travel Foreman). This is a good thing considering that Beyond has their own secret agenda, and Misty has already proven that she isn’t afraid to call out Ben when he needs it.
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Misty Knight and the Scarlet Spider may seem like an odd pair, but this isn’t the first time they have teamed up. The two joined Tony Stark in his star-spanning fight against Korvac in Iron Man #5 (by Christopher Cantwell and CAFU), developing a blunt yet friendly sort of relationship along the way. Now that they’re both back on Earth, it only makes sense that Ben would reach out to Misty for assistance in his latest endeavors.
Apart from providing him with whatever gear the mission at hand calls for, Misty and Colleen have also made it clear that they there only to help Ben, not Beyond Corporation. When Beyond’s Marcus Momplaisir reminds Ben that Peter Parker is no Spider-Man as far as the company is concerned, it is Misty and Colleen who step in to remind the man to show respect for the original bearer of the mantle. Their training session with Ben in Amazing Spider-Man #77 (by Thompson, Sara Pichelli, Nolan Woodard, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) also leaves no doubt that the Heroes for Hire aren’t going to go easy on anyone in their orbit. Even if it seems unnecessarily rough, that attitude could be precisely what Ben needs when Beyond Corp inevitably shows their true colors.
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It is no secret that Beyond Corporation has a less vested interest in Ben Reilly than they do the Spider-Man name. Ben has already been questioned by his benefactors on multiple occasions to the point where his very capabilities as a full time superhero were in doubt.
It’s no surprise that Ben hasn’t been the yes-man that Beyond Corporation was looking for, and the fact that they still see so much potential in him doesn’t bode particularly well for anyone. Considering it’s only a matter of time until the differences between Ben and his employers puts them at odds, he really couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be looking out for him on the inside than the original Heroes for Hire Colleen Wing and Misty Knight.
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