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For fans of the original Masters of the Universe series, these shows might well scratch the same itch.
The original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe debuted in 1983. The show definitely made its mark on audiences, spawning a spinoff in the form of She-Ra: Princess of Power, a live-action film and a toy line that made Mattel over a billion dollars.
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The show is loved today both by audiences that enjoyed the show during its first run and by audiences that that discovered the show after it had already ended. With the rise of multiple modern Netflix adaptations, new fans discover the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe every day. If you are one of those fans, these are the 10 shows you should watch next.
Like the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the character of Inspector Gadget was also an invention of the 1980s. As was the case with He-Man, Inspector Gadget was rebooted in the 21st century for modern audiences. The 2015 version of the show was a sequel to the original series, much as Masters of the Universe: Revelation was considered a sequel to the original He-Man. In the 2015 Inspector Gadget, Penny is an official partner of her Uncle Gadget, and together, they try to stop the world from the evil plots of Dr. Claw and his nephew, Talon.
Fans of the original He-Man will respond to the dedication that Penny and Inspector Gadget have to fight evil. Fans will also love the over-the-top diabolical plans of Dr. Claw and Talon, which share a lot in common with the grandiose plans of Snake Mountain’s crew.
Most fans of the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe also watched the original Thundercats. While Prince Adam’s sword revealed “fabulous secret powers,” Lion-O, leader of the Thundercats,  carried a sword that gave him “sight beyond sight.”
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For the 2011 reboot, the Thundercats were given deeper backstories. Lion-O in particular found himself wrestling with the struggles of what it meant to be a good ruler, even while he lead his friends and family against Mumm-Ra and the evil mutants. For those who watched the original He-Man, these themes should resonate strongly.
Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia came from the mind of Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro and Dreamworks Animation.  The show followed a high school boy named Jim and his friends, Claire and Toby, as they discovered the world of trolls, magic, and aliens. Much of the show involves Jim, Claire, and Toby trying to understand the weight of the destiny he undertook when he picked up a mysterious amulet.
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Trollhunters has a lot of elements that will appeal to fans of the original He-Man. The mixture of swords, sorcery, and aliens plays a major role in the plot of both shows. Additionally, both shows focus on a young boy embracing a destiny that otherwise harms his interpersonal relationships.
Although many viewers of the original He-Man may have watched the show and noted its lighter tone, the show also had seriously dark undercurrents for subplots. For example, Prince Adam’s constant struggle to win his father’s approval is juggled with the prince’s duty to keep everyone safe. Likewise, Teela’s mind is wiped of the knowledge of her birth mother in order to keep Teela safe and preserve the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
A Tale of Dark & Grimm starts with Hansel and Gretel being beheaded by their parents. From there, the story follows the two children through a variety of fairytales, never shying away from the darker elements that were present in the original Grimm fairytales. But through each story, the fundamental message of hope for a better ending remains – something else the show has in common with He-Man. 
Kid Cosmic was created for Netflix in 2021 by Craig McCracken, who previously worked on The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. The show follows Kid, Papa G, Rosa, and a Precognitive kitten named Tuna Sandwich as they gain superpowers and defend Earth against alien invaders.
Fans who enjoyed the original He-Man show will appreciate the morals that the show develops while Kid is learning how to handle the responsibility that comes with his superpowers. They will also enjoy the fact that these friends together face world-ending problems, but remain upbeat and optimistic through it all.
As was the case with He-Man, the Ninjago series was designed to take advantage of a toy line. In the case of Ninjago, The Lego Group designed the show for Nickelodeon based on a line of construction-related toys. In the cartoon, Ninjago became the name of the fictional world protected by six teenage ninjas. These ninjas fought to defend the beloved Ninjago City from evil ninjas.
The main draw of Ninjago is the ability to combine magic, martial arts, and swordplay. The combination of technology, sorcery, and swordplay was a familiar and reoccurring theme in the original He-Man cartoon and should be one that fans of He-Man will enjoy in Ninjago.
Invincible is an animated superhero show that airs on Amazon Prime and is targeted towards adults. In the show, teenager Mark Grayson inherits powers and must cope with both the responsibility of his own powers and the legacy of his family’s heroic past.
As fans of the original He-Man know, Prince Adam often struggled with his own legacy, both as a guardian of Grayskull and the son of two greatly beloved kings. Fans will appreciate the way that Grayson and Prince Adam both uphold the importance of their legacies while becoming their own superhero.
Locke & Key follows the adventures of three siblings after their father’s murder. The siblings and their mother move to their father’s ancestral home and begin to find magic keys. Through those keys, the children are exposed to secrets and powers beyond anything they could have imagined.
A major component of the original He-Man series was Prince Adam’s need to keep his secrets hidden, while still struggling with making the right choices. For fans who enjoyed that aspect of He-Man, Locke & Key will be an enjoyable adventure.
Developed for Netflix by Noelle Stevenson and DreamWorks Animation, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a modern take on She-Ra: Princess of Power, a 1985 spinoff of the original He-Man show. In the modern version of She-Ra, there is no Prince Adam or royal Eternia family. But baby Adora was still kidnapped as a child and forced to do the Horde’s bidding. Throughout She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Adora learns how to become a hero, forges alliances, and finds love with her former friend-turned-enemy, Catra.
For those who enjoyed the original He-Man, much of the elements that made Eternia so interesting can be found in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The Evil Horde, alliances with heroes against evil forces, and secrets surrounding a magical sword all play an important role for both the original He-Man and the modern-day She-Ra.
The Dragon Prince debuted on Netflix in 2018 and follows the adventures of King Harrow’s two sons, Ezran and Callum. After their father’s death, Ezran and Callum discover deceit and betrayal in the king’s court and set out to save the last dragon prince. In doing so, they must find a way to heal the wounds created by the evil Dark Mage Viren and forge alliances with the elves.
As fans of the original He-Man can attest, the royal family of Eternia was constantly having to deal with Skeletor’s dark magic, in a land full of magical wizards, elves, and witches. The kindness and wisdom of Prince Adam is easily recognizable in the characters of Ezran and Callum. The Dragon Prince‘s magical kingdoms of Katolis and Xadia have much in common with the magical kingdom of Eternia.
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