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A blockbuster Marvel game from Skydance New Media and Amy Hennig is officially in the works, and a few heroes would fit her style well.
Marvel fans were recently given the exciting news that a new AAA game is in development at Skydance New Media. For those unfamiliar with the studio, its interactive division is helmed by Amy Hennig. Hennig was a major reason that the Uncharted series found the success it did, as she served as creative director for the original game and head writer for its first two sequels. With such an impressive resume, it is hard not to be excited about what she might do with a Marvel project.
Thus far, fans have no real details about this “blockbuster” Marvel game. Still, given Hennig’s previous work, it would make sense if it was a linear, singleplayer story. Further, with showing off flashy costumes and superpowers being important, a third person perspective would make sense – though this is only speculation. Regardless, while there are plenty of characters in the Marvel universe that would be great to see get a video game of their own one day, there are a few heroes in particular that would suit Hennig well. Whether it be for gameplay reasons or exciting storytelling opportunities, here are the characters that would be the best fit for Skydance’s big Marvel video game.
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A Daredevil game had been rumored and requested for years now, and for good reason. Matt Murdock would translate perfectly into the world of video games, as the character would suit a number of different genres. His brutality in combat and the potential for Billy Club traversal would make an Arkham-like open world game work incredibly well. At the same time, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen suits a linear game due to his day job as a lawyer. Hennig could write some brilliant scenes that take place in the courtroom, with Skydance looking toward a very recent Marvel game for inspiration.
With the well-received Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy showing how well dialogue choices can work in an action-focused game, a Skydance Daredevil project could take a similar approach. Players could make meaningful choices in the game’s courtroom scenes, taking control of Matt Murdock and determining whether he wins or loses a case. Failing one of these sequences could make for a more difficult mission, with players getting to experience a completely different level had they won the case. These sequences could keep players on the edge of their seat, while the game’s combat could lean into Daredevil’s heightened senses. With a supporting character like Foggy also being a great fit for some Uncharted-like humor, a good balance could be struck between comedy and the dark storytelling that is often associated with the Daredevil character.
Doctor Strange is another Marvel hero that is begging for a video game adaptation, as he would allow any developer to have complete freedom when it comes to their storytelling and gameplay. With the Sling Ring in-hand, Strange could teleport anywhere in the world, letting players experience Uncharted-like setpieces in mountain ranges, cities, or even underwater. From a storytelling perspective, Strange provides just as many opportunities.
Hennig and Skydance could lean into the potential of the multiverse, letting players fight evil versions of Marvel heroes or Doctor Strange himself. A horror approach could be achieved by using Nightmare, as the Marvel villain could open doors to some truly terrifying experiences. Strange himself would be interesting to explore on a deeper level, too, as he is a flawed person just like Nathan Drake. With his many spells also guaranteeing a moveset that boasts a huge variety of attacks and potential upgrades, the character could be an excellent choice that lives up to the promise of a “blockbuster” video game.
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One of the many strengths of the Uncharted series was the exciting locations that Nathan Drake would travel to on his adventures. Be it Shangri-La from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves or The Atlantis of the Sands from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the locations were visually spectacular and instantly memorable. As such, it would make sense for Hennig and Skydance to want a setting that is a bit more exciting than New York, as games like Marvel’s Spider-Man have already used this location. When it comes to great Marvel settings, there are few better than the nation of Wakanda.
Marvel’s Avengers’ War for Wakanda expansion showed just how beautiful the Wakandan jungle can be, but it did not capture the full spectacle of the African country. Outside of the throne room and T’Challa’s base of operations, players never actually get to explore the region’s futuristic city, which feels like a missed opportunity. Skydance taking players to Wakanda could rectify this, with the buildings and city streets of the country featured prominently. It is easy to imagine T’Challa being knocked off a Wakandan skyscraper and hanging onto it with his claws, climbing back up the building like Nathan Drake. With Vibranium tech and a cat-like moveset, Black Panther would be a ton of fun to control.
Out of all the Marvel heroes that would fit an Amy Hennig game, Ant-Man is hard to top. The character nails everything that Hennig has become known for, as Scott Lang’s sense of humor is comparable to that of Nathan Drake’s. The family focus seen in the films could work well in a game, with Hank Pym functioning just like the character of Sully did in Hennig’s previous work. The abilities to shrink down and go big could make for some unforgettable setpieces, with these moments also being different from what was seen in the first three Uncharted titles.
If that was not enough, an Ant-Man game could feature Uncharted-like exploration by thrusting players into the Quantum Realm. While Ant-Man and The Wasp teased a city inside this realm, and theories suggested it could be the TVA or Chronopolis, it has yet to be explored on the big screen. A game could let players step foot in this tiny city, wowing them with unique creatures and visuals. If the goal is to try to recapture the magic of Uncharted, there is no better avenue for Skydance to take than an adaptation of Ant-Man, as the property boasts some clear similarities.
Skydance New Media’s Marvel game is currently in development.
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