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Marvel’s Voices: Heritage will showcase Indigenous and Native America superheroes and creators as part of the Marvel’s Voices comics series.
The newest installment of Marvel’s Voices is set to hit the stands this November. This issue, subtitled Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1, will offer stories chronicling the adventures of four of Marvel’s more unique Indigenous superheroes. It will also give Marvel a chance to showcase the talents of its Indigenous and First Nation creators.
The Marvel’s Voices series, which premiered in February 2020 and currently includes five comics, is based on a podcast of the same name that has been running since 2018. The comic series, like the podcast, is focused on introducing Marvel fans to the diversity of the Marvel Universe both in the characters of its comics, movies, and television shows, as well as the minds, hands, and hearts of the Marvel creators operating behind-the-scenes to bring those characters to life. At present, Marvel has used the series to showcase superheroes, creators, and fans who identify as Asian, Hispanic/Latino, LGBTQ+, Black, and Native American. Marvel promises to use the comic as a platform for the continual exploration of diversity, and a platform to give all voices a chance to speak.
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Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 will release on November 24. Marvel has released a preview of the issue, which will feature several creators who contributed to last year’s Marvel’s Voices: Indigenous Voices issue. One obvious reveal of the preview is the gorgeous artwork that fans will find between its covers. The artwork ranges from the dramatic intensity of Shaun Beyale to the subdued, yet expressive artwork of Natasha Donovan. More importantly, the preview illustrates how Marvel is not just focused on boosting the popularity of its more well-known superhero franchises, but rather is trying to further the contemporary attitude that the superhero universe should reflect the real world. Check out the covers and preview images below:
From the preview, readers can understand that its purpose is to celebrate November as National Native American Heritage Month. Indeed, the issue continues the exploration of Indigenous superheroes that Marvel began in the second issue of the Marvel’s Voices series. While that issue focused on newer heroes, the upcoming issues focuses on the more established heroes River, American Eagle, Werehawk, and the Snowguard. To help tell these stories, Marvel invited a number of prominent voices in the Indigenous community.
Best-selling author and frequent Marvel contributor, Rebecca Roanhorse was called on to pen the issue’s first story “A Friend in Need,” featuring art by Shaun Beyale. Filmmaker and well-known storyteller Nyla Innuksuk writes the second story, “Snowguard and the Tuurngait,” with art by Natasha Donovan. Awarding-winning, Native American artist Steve Paul Judd puts down his paintbrushes to author American Eagle’s adventure in “Not Dead Yet,” which features art by David Cutler. Finally, famed Native American artist Bobby Wilson teams with artist Jim Terry for “Werehawk: Attorney-at-Law.” The issue will feature a cover by Kyle Charles, with variant covers by Afua Richardson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Terry, Maria wolf, David Mack and Roy Boney. With all the work that Marvel is putting into the Marvel’s Voices series, there’s no doubt that Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 will be an interesting read.
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