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New rumored details about Disney+’s upcoming Moon Knight series tease appearances by Blade, Dracula and more Marvel characters.
A new batch of rumors about the Marvel Cinematic Universe tease the early arrival of Blade on Moon Knight.
The moderators of the r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit have a new batch of rumored details about Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series. The mods of the subreddit are well-known for vetting leakers, and several of the details they say arrived months ago and have since been teased or confirmed. According to the leaker, who is said not to be a direct employee of Marvel Studios, Mahershala Ali’s Blade will appear on Moon Knight.
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Both the TV show and Blade don’t yet have release dates, but Moon Knight is expected to arrive next year while Blade hasn’t begun filming. As such, if the rumors are true, the series will see Ali’s debut as the MCU’s daywalker. And it appears the vampiric plot elements won’t end there.
The leaker also claimed that Dracula will be a big bad, if not the main villain. What’s more, but the leaker believes Ethan Hawke’s mysterious Moon Knight character will be Dracula. With Blade potentially appearing, that could mean Hawke’s role will expand beyond the Disney+ series.
The next reported detail is that a major Egyptian actor has been cast as Khonsu, the god that grants Marc Spector powers but also splinters his mind. No other details on the actor or role were given.
Finally, Dora Milaje member Ayo (Florence Kasumba) is said to have a big role on the show. Reportedly, she will help Marc get into the U.S. after the vigilante fights someone the Dora are after. This would mark Ayo’s second Disney+ series appearance after her role on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
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So far, Marvel’s Disney+ shows have made great pains to include characters and details from across the wider MCU. It’s also proven to be a place to both flesh out characters without their own franchises or introduce characters who will soon play big roles. As such, none of these rumors are hard to believe, though they certainly point to a rather busy show featuring characters and elements from various franchises with different tones.
For now, little is officially known about Moon Knight besides Oscar Isaac playing the lead role and Hawke playing an unnamed villain. But with the show likely arriving next year, expect something concrete soon.
Source: Reddit
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