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From the Dark Avengers showing up to the possibility of Clint’s retirement, Hawkeye fan theories have big and small chances of accuracy for the show.
The Disney+ Hawkeye series’ debut on November 24, 2021, will mark Clint Barton’s appearance as a lead character after his association with the Avengers. His protege, Kate Bishop, is even more so in the spotlight, and Redditors have come up with plenty of theories on how the characters will be dealt with in the series and the MCU’s future.
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While some sound like solid theories that align with established storylines, there are certain others that just don’t seem to be on the cards. In the story’s anticipation, it’s worth stacking both the scenarios that make sense and the ones that are very unlikely for the series led by Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld.
Black Widow was almost always there for Clint, whether it was partaking in Hawkeye’s hard-hitting battles, or to provide emotional comfort. Fans have taken to their pairing and Redditor NotTaken-username believes that Kate and Yelena will take on the mantle.
According to them, Yelena will join Clint’s side, and “Kate and Yelena will become a fan-favorite duo.” It’s the most likely scenario to take place because Yelena will never be established as the next Black Widow for viewers if she kills the fan-favorite Clint. With Kate set to become the next Hawkeye, the series is definitely setting up her future pairing with Yelena.
The belief within the fanbase was that Hawkeye will be Clint’s swansong until the official trailer made the series appear to be a singular adventure over the last hurrah. However, Redditor notTaken-username is convinced that the original scenario is still very much on as part of their theory.
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According to them, “Hawkeye will be Clint’s final MCU role, passing the torch to Kate and finally getting to retire in peace.” With Clint already ten years into the MCU, it’s definitely likely that this is his final outing. The show can depict Clint acknowledging that Kate is worthy to carry the Hawkeye mantle by herself.
Prospective viewers have been brushing up on comic book facts about Echo after confirmation that she will be in Hawkeye. Redditor FewWatermelonlesson0 is convinced that Echo’s comic book arc will be adapted into the MCU. Their theory is that the show feature “Echo’s first arc in Daredevil, but with the circumstances changed so that Hawkeye is the one framed for killing her dad.”
It stems from her father’s killing blamed on Daredevil in the source material and she will target Hawkeye in the Disney+ series. With Yelena also out to get Clint, it’s believable that he may have another potential hit on him, and that Echo will eventually team up with Yelena and Kate as well.
Valentina sicced Yelena on Clint in a story that will play out in Hawkeye. Redditor kingmagpiethief believes it is a setup for the Dark Avengers to appear in the MCU. They claim that it’s a “dark avengers situation who is being bankrolled by someone nonmilitary/government.”
It sounds like a valid scenario since Valentina seems too duplicitous to be working for the government proper. She also recruited the disgraced John Walker and the assassin Yelena, both of whom would work well in the villainous Dark Avengers. Hawkeye can feature Valentina fully explaining what her plan is.
Redditor Night-Monkey15 is certainly out there with their theory that Hawkeye is going to set up Kate as a recruit of a variant of Kang the Conquerer. They claim “Kang is now starting up his big plans. So when there are no Avengers to stop him a variant of Kang will form the Young Avengers.”
The theory is that Kate is going to become the next Hawkeye because Kang’s variant wants her to be part of the team. What makes sense about it is the fact that other Phase Four characters Billy and Tommy, Eli Bradley, Cassie Lang were part of the comics’ Young Avengers. The reveal of Kang in the conclusion of Hawkeye does seem like a possibility.
Interestingly, the latest events of the MCU are still depicted in Phase Three’s Spider-Man: Far From Home since all other Phase Four stories have taken place beforehand. Redditor Dogax2012 has a theory that the E.D.I.T.H. glasses seen in the movie will show up in Hawkeye, which is confirmed to take place later in the chronology.
Their belief is that Clint’s “mom is named Edith. It kind of fits in with his character.” While it would be interesting, it’s not going to happen because Tony Stark was a close friend of Clint. Since Tony could have simply handed the glasses to Clint, it doesn’t make sense for Clint to receive them through a different channel.

There were plenty of references to the comics in the Hawkeye trailer and many are under the impression the likes of Kingpin and other mob bosses might show up. Redditor LR-II has a theory that Valentina is simply putting on an act and is actually a mob worker. According to them, “While acting under the guise of a government agent, Val is quite simply under employment from the mob.”
The reason this is unlikely is that the mob just can’t have the kind of reach Valentina has had. She approached US Agent John Walker and the elite assassin Yelena, neither of whom have connections to the criminal underground. It also sounds too low-scale to be turned into an overarching story.

Sharon Carter was revealed as the Power Broker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Redditor Magnificent-Moe has an elaborate theory that she’s pursuing Wakanda’s heart-shaped herb. According to them, Val and John Walker are working under the Power Broker who wants to eliminate potential enemies.
The Redditor claims that it will give “more leeway for the Power Broker to take on other characters from the MCU.” While the idea is no doubt creative, it sounds too much for the Hawkeye series to take on. Clint also doesn’t have any ties to John Walker or Bucky, so it would be a major shift for the MCU to accommodate this storyline.

This is more in the realm of never ever going to happen than just likely, seeing as Redditor Leedle_leedlel_eee has a theory that Clint’s younger days are Jeremy Renner’s filmography. Their idea is that all of Renner’s characters in The Hurt Locker, The Bourne Legacy, and Wind River are the same.
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According to them, Clint “decides to make the bow his trademark and takes up a new name, but this time he plans to keep it: Hawkeye.” It’s a funny theory but one that won’t ever happen. The Hawkeye series already has Jacques Duquesne and other characters from Clint’s past, so even the outlandish idea of an extended backstory is out of the question.

Redditor Rtmilburn also has a Dark Avengers theory but it’s not one that has much of a chance. According to them, William Stryker is behind it and he wants “to destroy all mutants that were not ‘human made’ supes but just straight up x-gene mutants.”
It doesn’t seem possible that Hawkeye will show Val working for William Stryker since the X-Men don’t have any relevance to Clint or Kate. It also seems like the wrong way to introduce the mutants, and Yelena and Kate just aren’t strong enough to fight characters with superpowers.
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