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Marvel now has the perfect opportunity to give Deadpool and Venom significant MCU futures, with their possible membership in the Thunderbolts movie.
Marvel Studios now has the perfect Marvel Cinematic Universe future for Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Venom (Tom Hardy). The two anti-heroes have become fan-favorite big-screen Marvel characters, despite not being connected to the MCU so far. While fans have wondered how either of them could fit with the sprawling shared universe, rumors of a Thunderbolts movie entering development could be the answer.
While the MCU has built itself on the idea of an interconnected canon across movies and TV shows, Venom and Deadpool’s popularity skyrocketed outside of this shared universe. This was due to their theatrical rights being owned by other studios, as Sony held Venom and 20th Century Fox had Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool immediately connected with audiences once Deadpool hit theaters in 2016, and he returned two years later for a sequel. This was the same year Tom Hardy’s Venom debuted in a solo film. Both of these characters are now on their way to the MCU, though. Deadpool’s addition comes after Disney bought 20th Century, while Venom’s multiverse crossover was revealed in Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s post-credits scene.
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Deadpool and Venom’s MCU futures have since been the subject of intense speculation. Deadpool’s R-rated nature and Venom’s uniquely rabid tone could present Marvel Studios with some challenges when it comes to incorporating both into the shared universe. Their short-term futures might lie with Deadpool 3 and a Spider-Man crossover for Venom, but that doesn’t answer what Marvel will do with them afterward. Now that it appears a Thunderbolts movie is moving along, Marvel Studios might have shown their hand when it comes to fitting Deadpool and Venom into the MCU. They can join the team of villains, anti-heroes, and mercenaries and become permanent fixtures of the MCU ensemble.
Venom and Deadpool’s MCU future lying with the Thunderbolts makes sense for both the characters and the universe. There are numerous iterations of the Thunderbolts in the comics, but Deadpool and Venom were teammates for a time. This came when Red Hulk led the team. Flash Thompson was the host for Venom at this time and became known as Agent Venom, and he worked alongside Deadpool, Red Hulk, Punisher, and Elektra. A version of this lineup could now form in the MCU, but the comics aren’t the only reason Deadpool and Venom’s MCU futures should be with the Thunderbolts. Neither of them are truly villains or candidates to join the Avengers. That puts them in an awkward place for the MCU, but Thunderbolts can easily solve this by bringing multiple Marvel anti-hero characters together.
As far as how Marvel Studios can make Venom and Deadpool part of the Thunderbolts, that also could be quite easy to accomplish. There’s no telling how Deadpool 3 will reinvent the Merc with a Mouth to fit him within the MCU. However, Deadpool’s last adventure in Deadpool 2 saw him assemble the X-Force and work with characters like Cable and Domino. Now that he’s experienced working with a team and will find himself in a new universe, joining the Thunderbolts should appeal to Wade Wilson. Meanwhile, after Venom and Spider-Man finally meet in the MCU, Eddie Brock will need to do something besides antagonizing Peter Parker. Eddie might not have the military training that Flash Thompson had when he was Agent Venom, but Venom’s penchant for violence can allow him to feel at home with the Thunderbolts.
Should Deadpool and Venom both eventually join the MCU‘s Thunderbolts team, they will make for a great pairing that fans are sure to enjoy from a comedic standpoint. They also both present whoever leads the Thunderbolts with two major wildcards, as there’s no telling what either of them will do at any given moment. Hopefully, it isn’t long before Marvel confirms plans for Thunderbolts and Venom and Deadpool’s place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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