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It seems unlikely that Insomniac’s forthcoming Wolverine game won’t feature any other Marvel heroes. So who should show up, and why?
Wolverine is one of the most well-known superheroes of all time and definitely one of the most popular. And it’s because of that popularity that Marvel is giving the gaming community a new, solo Wolverine video game to enjoy. And it only makes sense, as previous Wolverine titles have been highly successful, even if some of them aren’t critically acclaimed.
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There isn’t a lot that is yet known about the game. It was revealed to the gaming community during the PlayStation Showcase in early September of 2021. And fans and gamers were only given a teaser trailer, which was just enough to whet appetites for more. But it allows speculation on what Marvel hero fans and gamers want to see in Wolverine’s upcoming video game, which sometimes is just as fun.
Just like Wolverine, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most popular figures, and it should go without saying that gamers and fans want to see Spider-Man in the new Wolverine game.
Aside from a marketing perspective, Spider-Man and Wolverine actually have a history together, both good and bad. The two superheroes have a complex relationship, but ultimately they both have an understanding and respect for one another which may even resemble a friendship. Regardless of the sensitive nature of Wolverine and Spider-Man’s relationship, fans want to see the connection of the two continue, for better or for worse.
Seeing the lovable Bruce Banner turn into the Hulk in the upcoming Wolverine game would be an awesome sight to see, and one Marvel should consider. But as much as Marvel fans love the Hulk, in the new Wolverine game, he would most likely be a rival to Wolverine, which is a great reason to have him in the game.
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Wolverine and the Hulk have bad blood with each other, and it didn’t help when the Hulk ripped Logan in half. However, the two are more identical than they both would like to admit, they both are fueled by anger, and become uncontrollable with rage. And it’s because of those identical characteristics that would be awesome to see in the game.
Black Widow is one of the most underappreciated characters in the Marvel Universe, but after the Avengers: Endgame, fans saw just how important Black Widow is to the success of the Avengers. She does things that no one else is willing to do and succeeds every time.
But that sounds exactly like Wolverine. Underappreciated, but yet critical to the mission and to its success. The reason the two sound so similar is because long before Black Widow became an Avenger, she was trained by Wolverine when she was a young girl. And that is why the gaming community needs Black Widow in Wolverine’s new game.
Hawkeye is another character fans will want to see in the new upcoming Wolverine game, as Hawkeye and Wolverine are close allies that tend to rely on each other. And if Wolverine is going to have his very own game, everyone should expect Wolverine to have a lot of enemies, and ones ambitious enough to take him on.
However, Wolverine should be well equipped to handle whatever is going to come at him in his own game. But having someone like Hawkeye by his side would enhance the gameplay, as Wolverine has always relied on Hawkeye’s leadership abilities when they team up together.
The reason fans will want to have Cyclops in the new Wolverine game is because of the complicated connection these two have. Not only do they have personality differences, but they are also fighting over the same woman, and that woman is none other than Jean Grey. Jean Grey is arguably the most powerful X-Man in existence.
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And, the fact that Cyclops and Wolverine are in love with a woman that can destroy both of them at the same time, just shows how unhinged both of them are. And when there are two unhinged individuals who differ on the opposite side of the spectrum, fans are going to want to experience that in the new game.
Venom in the new Wolverine game is something fans and gamers can hope and dream for but is highly unlikely, as the character is involved with an awkward licensing issue between Marvel and Sony. But licensing headaches aside, fans and gamers want Venom in the new Wolverine game.
The two anti-heroes actually have a bond together, even though the two have had their fair share of differences, as they genuinely respect each other. And aside from their complicated bond, Venom and Wolverine have merged together to form the ultimate superhero, and it truly would be fun to play as Wolverine merged with the symbiote in his new game.
Professor X is a Marvel superhero that has to be in the new Wolverine game, regardless if fans and gamers alike want him in the game or not. He is simply a necessity for Wolverine, not only as an ally but as a mentor as well.
Professor X is one of the few superheroes that can actually get through to Wolverine. While players may want to go Wolverine all the time and just hack and slash, the game would turn into another mindless button smashing past time. As fun as that may sound, Professor X will bring stability, and maybe a twist that will amaze the community in the upcoming game.
Captain America is quite possibly the most iconic Avenger, and fans and gamers would have to agree that Captain America deserves a place in the new Wolverine game. Captain America may seem like an odd choice, but he and Wolverine actually go way back.
Both Captain America and Wolverine fought together in World War II, fighting not only the Nazis but Hydra as well. Captain America making an appearance for Wolverine’s game would be symbolic of the two characters’ past, but also foretelling to a possible collaboration of future games, with the two characters.
Nightcrawler being in the new Wolverine game may not seem like a good idea, but strictly going by the comics to reference, Nightcrawler and Wolverine are the best of friends. The two share a friendship that resembles a bromance more so than just a regular alliance, and for someone like Wolverine, that’s rare to have.
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With Wolverine having his very own game, fans know it’s going to get bloody, it’s going to get violent, and it’s going to get dark. Nightcrawler, being who he is to Wolverine, can offer some much-needed comic relief. If Nightcrawler can offer that, then gamers and fans are going to want him in the game, because it’s going to be needed.
Deadpool is an easy and obvious choice and one that every gamer and Marvel fan wants to see in the new upcoming Wolverine game. Although Deadpool is considered an enemy of Wolverine, the two in a game together would be an instant hit and classic.
Deadpool and Wolverine are literally night and day. Deadpool is the playful and fun superhero while Wolverine is the angry and serious anti-hero. And if Deadpool was to enter the world of Wolverine, Deadpool would drive Wolverine even crazier than he already is, but it would be comedy gold. The constant friction these two characters will cause would be unforgettable entertainment for fans to enjoy.
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