Guardians of the Galaxy Game Art Perfectly Remakes MCU Poster – Screen Rant

A fan perfectly recreated the poster for the first Guardians of the Galaxy film using assets from the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game.
A fan recently recreated the Guardians of the Galaxy film poster by using assets from Eidos-Montreal’s new game based on those same characters. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been receiving a lot of love from fans and critics alike since its release last week, but it’s hard not to draw comparisons to the beloved films. Even though some of the characters are similar to the archetypes in the films, the game largely deviates from the films in its core story and universe.
Nonetheless, Eidos embraced the MCU’s more emotional themes in Marvel’s GotG. The game echoes the emotional intimacy that the films brought to a largely unknown cast of characters. There’s a lot of heart and soul which has helped elevate it to be one of 2021’s marquee titles and not get written off like Marvel’s Avengers. That said, the game is not based on the MCU version of the characters and very much exists in its own world.
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That didn’t stop Reddit user Saud_Njmh from recreating the poster for the first Guardians of the Galaxy film using assets from the new video game. It’s unclear if the fan-made poster is a mix of the game’s photo mode and photoshop or if it was constructed purely using the latter, but it’s a cool tribute nonetheless. There are only a few disparities in the poster, such as some of the poses, but these minor flaws don’t prevent it from being a very well-made piece of fan art.
Critics have been praising Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy since it launched, largely for its impressive and impactful story. As of right now, no sequel has been announced or even teased. There are a few loose threads left to tie up by the end of this game, but it’s unclear if Eidos will be making an effort to pursue them in a sequel. Square Enix released the game just slightly ahead of the holiday rush, so it may fare well against the competition.
Given how beloved the films are, there was a lot of pressure on Eidos to get this game right. Fans had some mixed reactions to the marketing leading up to the game’s release, largely because it felt like it was copying some of the MCU characters, but the full game takes players into all kinds of new directions. It seems likely that a hypothetical Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy sequel will continue to go down unexplored territory for the characters, but it’ll likely be a while before fans learn anything about it.
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Source: Saud_Njmh/Reddit
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