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It’s clear that mods for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 have come a long way. We’ve seen this thanks to Tabs‘ mods that put Ken Masters, Shin Akuma, Cyclops and Thanos into the game, all with their own distinct movesets.

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Tabs has returned with yet another character that appeared in entries that preceded Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but didn’t return for some reason. Thanks to this mod, Psylocke is now playable in UMvC3.
According to Tabs, Psylocke is intended to be a fairly straightforward fighter in terms of her tools, but she gets access to some slippery movement options. Players will be able to keep opponents guessing on where she will be on the screen thanks to a high triple jump and a versatile teleport.
Though her projectile has average durability, it can be directed at 3 different angles. The light version is aimed towards the ground, and can behave like an OTG (off the ground) against downed opponents for the purpose of combo extension.
It’s demonstrated during the short clip that Psylocke is capable of hitting all 3 level 1 hypers together in a single combo without assistance from other characters. Her level 3 hyper creates illusion shadows that mimic the properties of her attacks, but all of their attacks can be blocked as mids to prevent solo unblockables.
Psylocke appears to be heavily based on Felicia’s model in this mod. As such, there are some leftover animations that look strange on Psylocke while she’s performing certain attacks.
Check out how Psylocke plays in this Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 mod in the clip below:
psylocke's a character who is meant to be a weird combination of 'straightforward' basic tools and really slippery movement. her presence on the screen isn't necessarily super threatening but the nature of her teleport+tp attack makes her tricky


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