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Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige says content and characters from Marvel’s What If…? can potentially appear in media beyond the Disney+ animated series.
Marvel’s What If…? characters could potentially return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in media beyond the Disney+ animated streaming series, according to studio head Kevin Feige.
The first season of the animated What If…? series introduced Marvel fans to alternate versions of some of their favorite MCU characters, some of whom may someday appear in other media. In the latest episode of Marvel Studios: Assembled, another Disney+ series that goes behind the scenes of various Marvel projects, Feige discussed the creation of the debut season of What If…?. In a quote obtained via The Direct, the President of Marvel Studios commented on the power of telling the stories of the Marvel multiverse and suggested the tales explored in What If…? could spill over into other media.
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“I really believe the deepening fictional mythologies is a way to appreciate them more, is a way to understand them more, look at them in a different way,” said Feige. “They’ve got now two seasons of What If…? ideas underway that’s some of the best storytelling we’ve ever had that you may see spin into other mediums. It’s really the most uniquely beautiful animated series I’ve seen in a long time.”
What If…? has already introduced a multitude of alternate versions of characters and storylines for the greater MCU to tap, many of which have resonated with fans. Captain Carter, a version of Peggy Carter who received the super soldier serum in lieu of Steve Rogers. Carter bookended the season, stepping up to lead the Guardians of the Multiverse during the climactic final battle. Rumors have previously suggested the fan-favorite character could appear in the MCU film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich is scheduled to hit theaters in March of 2022.
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Another popular character was Star-Lord T’Challa, a version of the Wakandan prince that was kidnapped from Earth by the Ravagers. Series director Bryan Andrews recently revealed that Marvel had originally planned a Star-Lord T’challa spinoff series prior to Chadwick Boseman’s tragic passing in August of 2020. While Andrews said the spinoff is now “in limbo,” he didn’t rule out the character returning to the MCU in some capacity, saying “maybe one day” plans for the series could resume.
As of this time, Marvel has yet to announce if any of the prominent What If…? characters will appear in other MCU media, but fans haven’t seen the last of them just yet. Captain Carter has already been confirmed to reappear in Season 2, which is currently in production. Series head writer A.C. Bradley has also confirmed that the Season 1 finale’s Iron Man and Gamora, who were originally slated to appear earlier in the series, will finally have their story explored in What If…? Season 2.
Season 1 of What If…? is currently streaming on Disney+. Season 2 has yet to receive a premiere date.
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Source: The Direct
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