PHOTOS: Christmas Tree, Loads More Holiday Decorations Arrive at Disney's Animal Kingdom –

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Just days after the first decorations arrived at the park, even more décor is now in place to welcome the season. Let’s take a tour around the park to see how the park is looking!
Wreaths and garlands have been installed at the parking entrance.
Outside the park entrance, the centerpiece of the decorations is up and looking great!
The tree is decked out with animal and nature-themed ornaments, mixed in with more traditional holiday iconography like ribbons and snowflakes.
Under the tree is collection of toys themed to Disney characters, including Stitch and characters from Winnie the Pooh.
Who wouldn’t want a Tigger-in-the-Box?
Chip and Dale pal around in a musical snow globe, complete with wind-up key.
At the ticketing stand, exotically-decorated garlands hang from the top of the signage.
Long wreaths have been installed between ticketing windows, complete with an zebra-print ribbon.
More traditionally-shaped wreaths can be found over the lights.
Droopy garlands are up at the “tapstiles,” accented by purple flowers.
Even the ATM gets a little love!
The scooter and stroller rental station has a small garland above them.
As guests make their way to Discovery Island, they can spot these ornately-decorated lampposts, while an ornamental bird nests above.
The same themed wreaths can be found further into the land.
Island Mercantile looks ready for the return of the Merry Menagerie, with a gorgeous garland decorated in gold and while and animals posted above.
Outside the building, you can see a statue of a bird rendered in the style of the menagerie puppets.
Outside the shop’s main entrance, more Merry Menagerie-themed decorations match the garlands. Holiday music has can also be heard here and throughout the park.
A large crane decoration can be found nearby.
The garlands are given a splash of color with red pinecones.
Inside the shop, many of the merchandise displays now have holiday gifts, reminding guests it’s better to give than to receive. (It’s also more profitable for Disney.)
The garlands hung by the elephants matches their colorful, artsy style.
Discovery Trading Company continues the theme with plenty of décor both outside and inside.
The white and silver baubles are accented with wheat, giving it a fittingly natural look.
More colorful decorations can be found on the stage outside the shop.
The Riverside Depot entrance has a lovely pair of owls and snowflakes adorning the exterior.
More animals are found on a nearby entrance, including a squirrel, fox, and owl.
Red pinecones are the focus on the wreaths below the lights.
On the side of Riverside Depot, snowflake-themed wreaths and garlands match the cranes painted on the building.
Inside, garlands are lit up by the checkout counter.
Blue is the primary color on some of the small Christmas trees within the merchandise displays.
At least the blue compliments the Joe Gardner plush!
As ready as the park is for the holidays, some folks may still want to keep the Halloween vibe going. Luckily, the shop has you covered with garlands and pumpkins.
The decorations match the merchandise, with the blue, pink, and gold ribbons complimenting the tie-dye apparel below.
Can you spot the butterfly in this light-up wreath? It’s pretty-well camouflaged.
Kitsch is the rule of the day at Chester & Hester’s Dino-Rama, with a spiral Christmas tree staged outside TriceraTop Spin.
Meanwhile, Donald’s Dino-Bash is getting in on the holiday fun with this penguin-themed snowman.
Candy canes line the way around the former site of Primeval Whirl.
Elsewhere, golden bell-shaped decorations hang from the lampposts.
Santa Claus and Rudolph are depicted in lights by the Restaurantosaurus sign.
By the entrance to The Boneyard, the fossils have been strung up with lights, while garlands have been draped on the bridge.
Meanwhile, Santa Gertie may have some competition as the brontosaurus skull has been decorated to look like old Saint Nick.
While it’s not as prevalent as the rest of the park, the holidays have come to Pandora thanks to Pongu Pongu, which sports its Santa-decorated AMP mech suit.
Above, crude decorations have been strung on the roof. (It’s hard to get tinsel on Pandora!)
For those who celebrate Hanukkah, a menorah can be found to the right of the stand’s signage.
Dawa Bar is set for the season with a simple strand of ornaments.
It’s not overwhelming, especially compared with the rest of the park, but it does have an endearing charm.
Above, a giraffe wreath decorated with bottlecaps is displayed, furthering the ecological and sustainable message of the park.
On the bridge leading to Africa from Discovery Island, the lampposts have wreaths also decorated with bottlecaps.
Festive old lanterns dangle from trees in the area.
Strips of fabric make up the garlands that hang from rooftop to rooftop.
Near Harambe Market, this ingeniously-designed Christmas tree features what looks like repurposed bicycle parts.
Meanwhile, lampposts in the area have rope garlands with a rainbow of ornaments.
Another “recycled” tree can be found outside Kilimanjaro Safaris.
I think the people that decorated this Wilderness Explorers booth have earned their Holiday Cheer badge!
Color and exotic fabrics are the stars above the Pin Station.
Walking around Tamu Tamu feels like touring an art gallery, with a range of different styles of decoration.
Plants and clay ornaments shine above…
…while fabric wreaths hang from the posts…
…leading to this collection of decorations themed to the citizens of Harambe.
Harambe’s premier shop is also decked out for the occasion, using wild grass to help make the decorations.
Given that this is home to a collection of merchandise themed to The Lion King, it’s only fitting that a wildlife-themed wreath and garland greet guests… with plenty of lions!
Inside, slender trees feature similar decorations.
Outside, you might be able to spot a hidden Mickey on one of the ornaments.
All in all, from kitschy to elegant, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is looking fabulous for the holidays!
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