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Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson says he thinks he, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot can finally make a DC/Marvel Crossover movie happen.
Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson says he thinks he can make a DC/Marvel crossover happen. Johnson is set to make his DCEU debut as the titular Black Adam, the archenemy of superhero Shazam, in a 2022 film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.
Of course Shazam already made his own DCEU debut in a hit 2019 movie and is set to return in the sequel Shazam: Fury of the Gods. It’s yet to be revealed whether Black Adam and Shazam will ever square off on the big screen but given their comic book connections it seems inevitable that they will. What plans DC could have for Black Adam beyond that are anyone’s guess, but Johnson could certainly have a continued presence in the DCEU via crossovers with other big characters, including his sometime comic book love interest Wonder Woman.
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Crossovers are indeed on Johnson’s mind these days but he is actually thinking bigger than just having Black Adam team up with or square off against other DC characters. At the recent premiere event for Netflix’s Red Notice, Johnson was asked about Black Adam crossing over with co-star Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and went further than that by talking about the biggest crossover idea of them all (via Variety):
I think there’s a crossover with Black Adam, Wonder Woman. What we were just talking about today was, I turned to Ryan and Gal and I said, there should be a crossover Marvel and DC Universe. We can be the ones to possibly make it happen. So we’ll see, we’ll see what happens down the road.
Marvel and DC obviously have done a lot of comic book crossovers over the years. Some famous examples include an X-Men/Teen Titans team-up in 1982, multiple Superman and Spider-Man crossovers, a massive Marvel vs DC event in 1996, several Justice League/Avengers meet-ups and a 1997 Batman and Captain America teaming set during the 1940s. Obviously rights issues and matters of expense make such crossovers much more difficult to pull off in the world of films. But despite all the difficulties inherent in making such a thing happen, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige is on record saying he would “never say never” when it comes to the MCU and DCEU crossing over. James Gunn, one of a handful of filmmakers to work in both big cinematic comic book universes, has also talked about a crossover between his own Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad teams.
Suffice it to say that a crossover movie between Marvel and DC would be just about the biggest film imaginable. But the very hugeness of such a venture is a big reason why it will probably never happen. The bigger the pie gets, the harder it is to figure out how to slice that pie up. Johnson surely knows that as well as anyone, but he also knows that fun speculation is a big part of keeping fans interested, so it’s good to stir the pot occasionally by talking about fantasy projects. Johnson obviously has a lot of friends in the movie business, including Marvel star Ryan Reynolds and fellow DC star Gadot, but even he doesn’t have the clout necessary to pull together all the parties that would need to agree in order to make a Marvel/DC movie happen. For now, Johnson will just have to be content with Black Adam, and the crossover possibilities for his character within the confines of the DCEU.
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Source: Variety/Twitter
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