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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy features Lady Hellbender’s henchmen from the comics, but the developers chose to portray them as monsters.
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy features Lady Hellbender and her two minions Gnasher and Gasher from the comics, but the duo are presented as monsters in the new game instead of their usual appearances. GotG has been hitting a lot of positive notes with fans thus far, with an emotionally complex story, great character development, and a number of Marvel Easter eggs alluding to the extensive universe Square Enix could be helping build. Another positive for the game is the number of solid villains involved in the story, including the monster-collecting Lady Hellbender.
During Lady Hellbender’s appearances in the Incredible Hulk comics, she has with her two companions by the names of Gnasher and Gasher. Gnasher and Gasher are two monsters that help Lady Hellbender on his missions to capture other monsters and take them back to Seknarf Nine, her home planet that she reigns over. Lady Hellbender’s minions have done battle with the likes of Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and The Incredible Hulk during the Totally Awesome Hulk comic run, as well as helping her track down Eddie Brock and contain the Venom symbiote for a short amount of time.
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When Lady Hellbender’s involvement in Marvel’s GotG was announced, some might have speculated whether Gnasher and Gasher would make an appearance alongside the Queen of Monsters. Considering Lady Hellbender would still be a collector of exotic creatures, perhaps her minions would be by her side in Eidos Montreal’s newest adventure to help their Queen with her mission. The answer ended up being yes, but in a completely different context than comic readers might have been expecting.
During the fourth chapter of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the Guardians enter Lady Hellbender’s fortress to sell either Groot or Rocket as part of a scheme to acquire money to pay off their debts to the Nova Corp. While interacting with the Guardians, Lady Hellbender is shown with two large monsters at her side that she seems to have a particular affinity towards. These monsters are revealed to be Gnasher and Gasher in this particular story, albeit in a different form than many are used to seeing.
Recently, some of the developers of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy joined with IGN to deliver commentary over the Lady Hellbender scene in the game and discussed their decisions to incorporate Lady Hellbender’s minions into the new game. Senior Narrative Director Marie DeMarle spoke about the team’s collaboration with Marvel to create this unique Guardians game universe and how they chose to use Lady Hellbender, saying that Marvel encouraged them to “take this character and see what you can do with them.” This seemingly allowed the developers to take the origins of Lady Hellbender from the comics and alter the character in a way to fit their story, including how Gnasher and Gasher are represented in the narrative. DeMarle went on to say that the narrative team “knew that they were important characters for her, and we turned them into these big monsters that she actually rides as steeds.”
It’s a testament to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s willingness to present a different take on the characters fans are familiar with, taking the source material and adapting it in a completely unique way. Having Gnasher and Gasher be monsters in the game really sells the idea of Lady Hellbender as an individual serious about her collection of unusual creatures, and it honors the legacy of the two henchmen within the context of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s long story in a very natural way. Also, seeing Lady Hellbender chase down the Guardians’ ship atop Gnasher is a fantastic moment in that helps establish the villain and her monsters as forces who shouldn’t be messed with.
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Source: IGN/YouTube
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