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Future MCU Phase 4 projects centered around Marvel anti-heroes like the Thunderbolts suggest Deadpool fans have nothing to worry about.
The MCU’s new focus on anti-heroes in Phase 4, started by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and possibly followed by Thunderbolts movie, is a good omen for Deadpool‘s debut in Marvel Studios’ ever-expanding franchise. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been led by superheroes with mostly well-defined morals, such as Captain America’s idealism and Thor’s desire for true worthiness. Recently, there have been various villains who have shown their noble side, such as Vulture, when he protected Spider-Man’s identity at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Loki, who abandoned his quest for universal conquest in his Disney+ show. However, the MCU has had an evident lack of full-fledged anti-heroes.
Famous anti-heroes like the Punisher and Ghost Rider have been reserved for the small screen, and they’re only now entering the discussion of whether or not Marvel Studios will integrate them into the MCU proper, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The confirmation of Deadpool’s return in Deadpool 3 was received with both excitement – as he will be the most popular anti-hero to join the MCU in the near future – but also with worry, as there’s the possibility that his R-rated antics could feel out of place within Disney’s family-friendly content. After all, it was precisely Deadpool’s mature humor and gory battles that turned him into one of Fox’s biggest commodities before the company was bought by Disney.
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Fortunately, the MCU’s upcoming projects reassure Deadpool fans that they have nothing to worry about. Phases 4 and 5 will introduce anti-heroes with similar violent tendencies. Movies like Moon Knight, Blade, and the rumored Thunderbolts will prepare audiences for Deadpool’s arrival with a more mature tone and less-than-innocent heroics. They also provide Deadpool with plenty of possible team-ups, as he can either team up or butt heads with Marc Spector, Eric Brooks, Baron Zemo, US Agent, Taskmaster, Samuel Sterns, or one-time Thunderbolts leader Bucky Barnes.
The success of Deadpool and Deadpool 2 sparked interest in an X-Force movie starring Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, Zazie Beetz’ Domino, and Josh Brolin’s Cable. But with Disney’s acquisition of Fox and mutants still absent from the MCU, it seems that any X-Men team isn’t coming anytime soon. Since Wade Wilson is the first confirmed mutant to join the MCU in the upcoming Deadpool 3, he could instead team up with the Thunderbolts. In the comics, Norman Osborn tried to have Deadpool killed, but Deadpool managed to outshine Ghost, Paladin, Ant-Man, and Headsman — and managed to charm Black Widow out of a murder. Marvel’s latest Thunderbolts lineup features Deadpool as one of their core members, accompanied by the Punisher, Elektra, Red Hulk, and Venom.
Deadpool presents the MCU with many exciting possibilities. Wade Wilson can work as a hero, a lone wolf, a villain, a mercenary, or a team player in a wide variety of teams. Besides the Thunderbolts, Wade Wilson could partner up with a new version of the Avengers, which can now include many new characters such as Shang-Chi, Black Knight, or Moon Knight, or he can join the Dark Avengers if the team ever materializes in the MCU. He could also face Spider-Man and become his enemy or his number one fan. Although Deadpool‘s R-rated nature makes him a risky property, there’s little the MCU can’t do with the Merc With A Mouth.
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