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Many of Marvel’s classic superheroes like Wolverine and Iron Man have died in the past and temporarily replaced by more modern reincarnations.
The status quo for the heroes, villains, and the entire universe itself within Marvel Comics is always changing and shifting. Their most popular heroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America have been around for decades and decades, and in all this time they have gone through countless changes and have even been replaced.
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The characters don’t really age or die permanently thanks to comic book logic, but even then at times classic Marvel heroes have been taken off the board and their titles took up by newer characters. The legacy characters are still around, but more modern (and in many cases younger) versions of them also exist, some of which have been discussed below.
As the original creator of the Iron Man suit, there is no one worthy of the title other than Tony Stark, but Riri Williams must be given credit where credit is due. With nothing but her intellect, she built a suit of armor of her own with just scraps. Following the events of Civil War II, as Tony Stark fell into a coma, Riri decided to continue his legacy under the name of Ironheart, with the help of an A.I. duplicate of Tony himself. There are plenty of interesting stories featuring the character, one of the many reasons to be excited for her MCU introduction.
Miles Morales originally hails from the Ultimate Universe, in which he was inspired to become Spider-Man after witnessing Peter Parker’s death. The Ultimate Universe was destroyed during the 2015 “Secret Wars” event, but Miles was allowed to continue his life in the Prime Marvel Universe (Earth-616), where he and Peter Parker operate separately but under the same name. Besides the slight differences in their power and their suits, Miles Morales’ character was basically a way of making Spider-Man a teenager once again without necessarily changing Peter Parker.
During his fight with the supervillain Iron Nail, Steve Rogers loses the power of the Super Soldier Serum in his blood in Captain America Vol 7 #21, and hence turns into an old man. He then passes on the shield and title of Captain America to Sam Wilson.
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This particular event has also made its way into the MCU, where Steve has retired and Sam Wilson is currently the Captain America with a suit that is very accurate to Marvel Comics. In the comics, while acting as Captain America, Sam would even go on to fight the evil version of Steve Rogers as well.
Even if he doesn’t have any flashy superpowers like the rest of his peers, Clint Barton has been an integral part of the Avengers for a long time. Kate Bishop was first introduced in Young Avengers as someone skilled with a bow and was given the mantle of Hawkeye by Captain America as the original Hawkeye was dead at the time. Even after Clint’s inevitable return, they both continued to work under the same name and formed a mentor-protege relationship. This is bound to be explored in the upcoming Hawkeye series, which is nothing if not a reason to be excited for her MCU introduction.
A big part of Wolverine’s character revolves around the fact that he is near unkillable due to his mutant regenerative powers. And yet, as the story demanded it, he was killed in the 2014 limited series Death of Wolverine after losing his healing factor. Logan’s clone/daughter Laura Kinney, who previously went by the name of X-23 and had powers identical to his, adopted Logan’s codename soon after and was given her own comic series by the name of All-New Wolverine. Logan was officially brought back to life in Marvel Legacy #1.
Most superheroes have to change into a separate suit in order to truly turn into their characters, but since the beginning, Bruce Banner and Hulk have quite literally been the same person. Being the Hulk is in Banner’s gamma-infused blood, and the two have always been bonded in an inseparable way.
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In Totally Awesome Hulk, in the process of saving Bruce’s life, Amadeus Cho takes out the Gamma from his body and puts it into himself. The result is a Hulk that has the same shade of green but a drastically different personality.
Ms. Marvel was Carol Danvers’ first superhero Alias, but over the years she has adopted many other names and is currently known as Captain Marvel, same as her MCU counterpart. Kamala Khan first came into the picture in All-New Marvel NOW! Point One and was given her very own Ms. Marvel comic series where the origins of her powers are explained. Carol and Kamala have very different power sets, the former being a Superman-like being with energy manipulation abilities and the former a size-shifting Inhuman.
Thor and Mjolnir go hand in hand like nothing else, and yet the events of the 2014 comic storyline “Original Sin” rendered the Thunder God unworthy and unable to lift his own hammer. A new Thor was introduced soon after, which turned out to be none other than Thor’s old acquaintance Jane Foster, who was suffering from cancer at the time.
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During this time Thor reclaimed his name and went by “Odinson” instead, and also lost his arm in a fight against Malekith. He remained unworthy for about 5 years until earning it back again during “War of the Realm.”
Although the MCU has downplayed the importance of her character greatly, something that only comic fans will know about the original Wasp Janet Van Dyne is that she is one of the founding members of the Avengers. Nadia Van Dyne is the daughter of the original Ant-Man Hank Pym, and although she is not directly related to Janet they both share the same surname and superhero alias. Both of them possess the shrinking powers that they are primarily known for, but in Nadia’s case she can shrink so much she can enter other planes of existence.
There have been four different Ghost Riders in the comics, but the most well-known is undoubtedly the first person to don the name – Johny Blaze. He has tried to shed off the whole Ghost Rider thing multiple times in the past, and through a weird chain of Marvel Comics events even ended up as the ruler of Hell. Robbie Reyes, first introduced in All-New Ghost Rider, is currently fulfilling the role. Though they both serve the same function, Johny’s and Robbie’s powers come from fundamentally different sources. Ghost Rider’s motorcycle is as iconic as his flaming skull, but in this particular version of the character, he uses a car instead.
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