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Two of the most recognizable actors in the games industry, Troy Baker and Roger Clark, are working together on a new, unknown game.
The advancements seen in the games industry over the last 20 years have not only seen developers placed under the spotlight, but the actors who give life to the characters in said games. Certain names, such as Nolan North and Jennifer Hale, spark excitement about what may be in store when players get their hands on whatever game they may be part of. Two of the biggest names in the space are taking advantage of this, teasing their involvement in a new proect.
Said names are Troy Baker and Roger Clark, who shared they are working together for the first time on a new game via social media. Clark posted an picture of himself and Baker in performance capture suits working on whatever mystery game the pair has been cast for. Clark shared his excitement about working with Baker in his post, saying it is a "joy" to see Baker performing first-hand and that Baker is "one of the best in the business."
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Baker is, along with Nolan North, one of the most recognized names in video game acting, with a career going back to 2004. While he performs regularly in animated films and shows, players would argue he is best known for the laundry list of games he's worked on, ranging from Brothers in Arms to The Last of Us. He has also dabbled with some live-action work, music, and online shows, such as the YouTube gaming-comedy channel Retro Replay alongside Nolan North.
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Roger Clark, on the other hand, is a more recent breakout actor in the games space thanks to his leading role as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2. Clark received critical acclaim, including several awards, for his performance as the outlaw following the game's release in 2018. However, Clark has been a regularly working actor since 2005, landing roles between film, television, and more.
As mentioned above, Clark and Baker are among the biggest names currently working as actors in the games industry and are sure to spark excitement in most players as to what they may be working on. Baker's public profile has grown to such a point that most players can pick him out from whatever game he may be in, whether its the lead character or various supporting roles. While Clark may not have as much of a public profile, his performance as Arthur Morgan left its mark on many players and critics.
The question now is what game the pair could possibly be working on together. Some commenters on Clark's post mentioned Grand Theft Auto 6 given Clark's work on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Baker's overall fame, though this is purely speculation. While it's not out of the question, it's safe to assume whatever they are working is likely a big project of some kind.
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Two years later, Roger Clark reminisces on five years embodying the role of Arthur Morgan, the protagonist of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2.


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