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Marvel’s ‘Not Brand Echh’ series allowed the company’s creators to spoof iconic characters, including Captain America and Wonder Woman.
While many fans believe the worst iteration of Wonder Woman was her mod years, Stan Lee’s version in Marvel Comics is far worse. The spoof series Not Brand Echh allowed Marvel’s writers to play around with various characters in humorous stories and introduced the world to Wondrous Woman. Though many jabs were directed toward Marvel’s in-house characters, DC’s weren’t exempt from the fun.
Wonder Woman debuted in 1941 and quickly became one of DC’s most popular characters. Captain America debuted the same year and was similarly the target of satire within Not Brand Echh #3 in 1967. Both characters are known for being brave and true to their values. However, Marvel’s iteration of Wonder Woman isn’t nearly as strong or courageous as DC’s original heroine.
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Not Brand Echh #3 has the creative team of Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and Tom Sutton. Within the issue, a caricature of the Goddess of Truth is introduced. Her name is Wondrous Woman and she plays a part in turning Charlie America – Captain America’s caricature – into a failed super-soldier. While Charlie gains the strength and abilities of Steve Rogers, he doesn’t have the same heart or personality. He’s a draft dodger and a coward. However, Wondrous Woman doesn’t notice, as she is too busy fawning over the alternate Captain America and misconstruing the intentions of his actions during a fight.
When she’s first introduced, Wondrous Woman is in a costume that makes her look tougher than she is before revealing her secret identity. She’s a Glamazon. This moniker rings true as she focuses more on Charlie America’s looks than anything else. Once he’s given abilities by the serum, she is obsessed with him and his bumbling nature becomes entirely invisible. All she can think about is how good their costumes would look together. She’s so obsessed with his appearance and newly gained muscles that she doesn’t see him for the complete coward he is.
The knock-off Captain America is shot at and uses a trash can lid to block the bullets. This isn’t a valiant feat; he was actually hiding in the trash can. He throws the lid in an attempt to cause enough of a distraction to his attacker to get away. Both of these things Wondrous Woman sees as courageous, viewing his actions as impressive as those Captain America is known for. However, Charlie has no intention of being a hero and Wondrous Woman can’t see that. The two never seem to actually develop a relationship, which is likely for the best since it’d be an incredibly shallow partnership. Wondrous Woman is modeled after Wonder Woman, but apart from her headband, name, and bracelet, the two couldn’t be more different. In her early years, Diana was known for chasing Steve Trevor rather intently, but Steve wasn’t a coward.
Wonder Woman not having powers in her mod years – resulting in her being a spy – and having rather silly adventures may be bad, but her Marvel parody counterpart is absolutely worse. During the mod era, Diana was still a hero, just in a different way. She still valued truth and genuine bravery. Marvel’s Wondrous Woman has no such values and she doesn’t seem the least bit likely to be a hero, unlike Wonder Woman. She doesn’t jump into the fight and doesn’t really seem to have any powers at all. Stan Lee helped create some iconic, but his take on Wonder Woman in Marvel’s Not Brand Echh is bad on purpose and it’s definitely the worst look for DC’s iconic heroine.
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