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The Harpers are a sweet family with entertaining neighbors and relatives to boot. Each one has distinctive traits that align well with the star signs.
Brad Neely’s newest animated adult show The Harper House is a fun new watch, with some heartwarming family moments mixed in with light conflicts to entertain viewers. Most importantly, the show gives audiences a slew of new characters to analyze and pore over.
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The Harpers are a sweet enough family, and their neighbors and relatives are also entertaining to watch. Each one has distinctive traits that align perfectly with the stars. But which one would you be, based on your astrological sign?
The matriarch of the Harper family was one of the smartest characters on the show, and she knew it. Debbie was a gifted engineer with a true passion for making things work, and her drive to excel and be at the top of the game was her dominant trait, just like Aries.
She functioned with blazing optimism — once she had an idea she had to delve deep into it, truly believing that she could fix anything, whether it was pirating Wrestlemonium for her kids or creating a mask that eliminated the sound of coughing.
Ambitious, resilient, and attentive, Shauna resembled Taurus the most because she wasn’t afraid to roll her sleeves up and get her hands dirty, but intelligently. She knew that her football team needed funds, so she faked an organization to get funds for them.
Security and stability were important to Shauna, even though she was a child, so she went forth unabashedly and made sure that she could achieve that for herself and the school.
The swanky, suited character was a stylish one, and he metaphorically wore several hats too. He was the Principal at River Creek’s North side school, had a wild social life replete with drugs and parties, and a shadier life involved in some type of crime.
All of these traits resemble the celestial twins unequivocally, who are social butterflies to boot and seem to sometimes lead double lives, just like Dr. Morocco did.
The crabs of the zodiac are intuitive, caring, and protective, exactly like Ollie and Todd’s sweet stay-at-home father. Freddie was attentive to the needs of his kids and wife, which he sometimes got wrong because he overthought it, but the intention was always pure.
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Like Cancer, he liked to create safe spaces not just for himself, but also for his neighbors (by assuring them he was an ally) and his family, too.
Sassy and vain, Brenna liked to be the Queen B of the family (much like Blair Waldorf), be it with her looks, her Instagram influencer status, her marriage to a former sports star, or just being Daddie’s favorite too.
Just like Leos love the spotlight and think of themselves as the celebrities of their worlds, Brenna was the main character in hers and she couldn’t bear to share the attention with Debbie or anyone else.
Todd’s classmate Jim Joe chased perfection like a high, and was used to being the smartest in his class until Todd transferred there and started stealing his thunder. Jim Joe was clever like Virgo, and channeled the star sign’s need to be flawless at all times.
He wanted top scores in the leaf hunting contest at the school and did not like that Todd was as intelligent, if not even cleverer, with his 105% in Geography.
The starry scales of the zodiac are connoisseurs of everything — art, intellect, food, and clothing. Todd was the very epitome of Libra, with his high tastes in coffee and housing, and his attachment to all things material, like the South side of River Creek, his old, rich home.
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He was a lot more mature than other kids his age, so he appreciated things that they couldn’t. Todd did learn to dial down his high tastes a little bit for his own sake, so he could have a happier life with his family.
Water sign Scorpio has the knack for striking when people expect it the least, and that habit is the most characteristic of the nefarious town Mayor Kelly Frakes. She was cunning with her moves and only carried out her worst plots, like her attempt to distract the town from her fracking schemes with Barack Obama, when no one was looking.
She also paid burglars to vandalize the South side so that concerned citizens would invest in her security system. She got away with her conspiring by being beguiling and charming like a Scorpio.
Debbie’s best friend was a force to reckon with —  she was an extremely adept veterinarian, she wrote dissertations on incredibly complex books, but also knew how to let loose and come up with get rich quick schemes like the Marg Truck with Debbie.
Her intellect was unbridled, much like Sagittarius. She was always in the pursuit of knowledge, whether it was science, literature, or figuring out simple demand and supply rules of Economics.
The father of Debbie and Brenna, Daddie Dan was a humble, quiet man who believed in working hard to gain success, which is an innately Capricorn quality. His awning business had been built from scratch by him, and he put in blood, sweat, and tears to make a life for himself that he would like.
At the same time, he showed loyalty to his family by helping Debbie out with a job when she got fired from her old, high-paying one. He was a lot like the goat of the zodiac.
One of the funniest characters of The Harper House, Ollie was incredibly intelligent, enough to eschew social norms and lead her life the way she wanted to instead of what was subliminally messaged to her by society.
She was free-spirited and eccentric like Aquarian individuals tend to be, with their own revolutionary ways of thinking and functioning in the world.
Joshathan’s parents Jame and Juniper followed their intuition and imaginations when it came to most things, which included raising their child by just documenting him, opening a store of crystals and tarot readings, and living in the most offbeat way ever.
Pisceans that can’t reel in their imaginations often become escapists, and Jame and Juniper’s “free-flowing” personalities and way of life seemed more like dusting their hands off of real responsibilities.
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