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One of Marvel’s strangest cosmic heroes, Pip the Troll, took a mission on Earth that ended with him on an X-Men spinoff team.
One of the Marvel Universe’s strangest characters managed to find his way onto the X-Factor Investigations team. At first, this was motivated by selfishness but evolved into having a genuine appreciation of the people he worked alongside. Pip the Troll, an alien with troll-like qualities, was in debt to a powerful deity and forced to spy on X-Factor. But when they saved his life, Pip became truly grateful to them and though he had to keep up his end of the deal, he nevertheless did value the lives of his saviors and friends.
Debuting in Strange Tales #179 (by Jim Starlin), Pip was born on the planet of Laxidazia to a royal lineage. As 260th in the line of succession, Pip never had a chance at ruling, so his days were spent indulging his love of the arts, spending whole nights painting the skies. It was during one of these nights that Pip encountered a group of Laxidazian trolls. These people were considered subspecies on his planet and as a consequence shunned by general society. Pip, however, spent a night drinking with them. The next day, Pip discovered he had become more like the trolls, his drink having been enchanted to transform him. Unable to hide it from his people, Pip was exiled from his planet.
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Pip would go on to have many adventures in the grand scheme of the cosmos. But fate would wind up disfavoring him again when he came into debt with the Asgardian goddess, Hela. Unable to pay her back, Pip was forced to make another slightly more favorable deal with Hela’s brother, Agamemnon. He gave Pip a pendant to protect him from Hela’s sight, but in exchange, Pip would have to spy on X-Factor Investigations and keep Agamemnon appraised of Wolfsbane’s pregnancy.
Pip would manage to sneak onto the X-Factor roster, largely thanks to the very woman he forged his new deal to avoid. Hela managed to track Pip down by hiring X-Factor Investigations. They took the job under the assumption that Pip, masquerading as a drunk, had stolen a valuable pendant. When they took it back, Hela located Pip and took him hostage. Feeling guilty over what they had done, X-Factor went to Las Vegas with Thor’s help to fight Hela off and save Pip. Grateful, he offered to be their receptionist.
Pip did have to keep up his end of the deal in regards to keeping tabs on Wolfsbane’s baby, but beyond that, Pip was genuinely grateful for what his new employers had done for him. In fact, aside from the small business of making discrete calls to Agamemnon from time to time, Pip never did anything else sinister. He even used his cosmic powers to locate people that X-Factor was looking for.
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Of course, his time on the team was not always glamorous. Pip did have a bit of a mischievous side. While attempting to win a girl’s affections by staging a mugging where he would “rescue” the girl, Pip learned she was a mercenary. The very girl whose head he thought he was messing with ended up shooting him in the head. Fortunately for him, Laxidazian physiology is different from Humans. Pip’s brain was not located in his head, but in his chest, right next to his heart. Which honestly raises questions about what resides in his head, but that little biology lesson saved his life.
Pip would remain with X-Factor even after Wolfsbane gave birth. That wouldn’t last too much longer though. X-Factor Investigations formally disbanded and its various mutants went their separate ways. With the group that he owed a debt to no longer in existence, Pip decided to return to space, seeking adventure amongst the stars instead of the streets of Earth.
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