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X-Men’s Dazzler comes to life in Melissa Croft’s epic body paint cosplay, which sees the mutant hero using her power to change sound into energy.
While only rarely a front-line member of the X-Men, the hero known as Dazzler is one of the most fascinating mutants in Marvel history. Able to convert sound into beams of energy and light, Dazzler is a successful musician in Marvel Comics continuity, able to provide her own unique stage show thanks to her abilities. Now, the hero (whose real name is Alison Blaire) has been brought to life in an ambitious body-paint cosplay video – a partial fulfillment of Marvel’s original plans for the character.
First appearing in 1980’s The Uncanny X-Men #130, Dazzler began as a collaboration between Marvel and Casablanca Records, with the intention of creating a fictional superhero singer who would release records in real life, and even star in a live-action movie. Sadly, this project wasn’t to be, but Marvel went ahead with the character, and she’s been a cult favorite ever since. Originally a disco singer, Dazzler has joined the X-Men (and various offshoot teams) from time to time, but mostly exists as an in-world celebrity always adapting her music to suit the times. In fact, Children of the Atom recently revealed a collaboration with Lizzo – a fictional detail that seemed to delight the real-life singer when she found out.
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Dazzler is brought to life in a new video by body paint artist Melissa Croft. Croft shared her depiction of Alison Blaire on Twitter in a video complete with special effects to mimic the mutant performer’s powers and how she incorporates them into her act. Croft’s cosplay art often focuses on comic characters, from iconic characters like Wonder Woman to truly deep cuts like X-Men‘s futuristic mutant Rasputin IV. In this case, Croft also set a retweet goal, with fans quickly ‘unlocking’ photos from the shoot, which show Dazzler generating energy from her voice.
100 RETWEETS! THANK YOU! AS PROMISED: pic.twitter.com/BIkgmgAy7l
Writers and artists love finding ways to reference Dazzler’s fame in the background of Marvel Comics (and in movies like X-Men: Dark Phoenix), making her a favorite jokey reference, but also a nuanced character who experiences the same tragedies and triumphs as any other hero, with the added complication of dealing with fame. In some stories, Dazzler’s origin as a disco star is treated ironically, such as when she was recruited by a time-traveling Deadpool to kill vampires, or became Galactus’ roller-skating herald. In others, she’s treated as a complex hero risking her life to save others.
Dazzler was a prominent member of Marvel’s all-female A-Force team, which teased she may secretly be immortal after being imprisoned and impersonated by Mystique, and is shown to be the first mutant president in the potential future where the X-Men succeed in gaining humanity’s acceptance (a role in which she’s tragically assassinated.) Sometimes treated as a joke character because of her unusual origins and outlandish feats, X-Men fans will be glad to see Dazzler get the respect she deserves in Melissa Croft’s awesome cosplay, which realizes Marvel’s original intent of a live-action singer/superhero, and shows just how awesome it would be to score a ticket to one of the hero’s concerts.
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Source: Melissa Croft
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