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Marvel heroes are often in relationships with other superheroes. Their love interests are equally powerful, strong, and are truly impressive figures.
Marvel‘s heroes are human (and sometimes alien) and they need to be loved. In fiction, action stories like the ones in comics and romance go hand in hand. While Golden Age Marvel was light on the romance, Silver Age Marvel copied the way its distinguished competition went with romantic relationships but they put the ol’ Marvel twist on it, as many characters’ love interests were actually superheroes themselves.
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This made the love interests of the Marvel Universe more interesting and got fans more invested in their relationships, as seeing two heroes deal with the trials and tribulations of love and supervillainy was more fun.
Sharon Carter met Cap when she was known as SHIELD’s Agent 13, one of the organization’s best spies. A highly trained field agent, she was a master of armed and unarmed combat and kept up with the super-soldier serum enhanced Captain America, which was no easy feat. In the ensuing years, she would prove just how strong she was, working with Cap and other heroes on all kinds of tough cases.
Sharon Carter has more than proven over the years that skill can often beat out everything else. Even without superpowers, she’s been able to work with some of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe and prove she deserved to be there.
After watching her father get gunned down, Elektra swore revenge. Training with Stick, she learned the ways of ninjitsu and set out on her path, working as a mercenary. This would lead her into the path of her former lover Daredevil and the rest is history. She’s worked with him and Wolverine, became a SHIELD agent, and basically proved just how strong she was.
Elektra and Daredevil’s on-again/off-again relationship brought her to the dance but her skills are what kept her there. Elektra has proven to be the best of the best over the years, even taking over as Daredevil, which is no easy task.
Janet Van Dyne was introduced as the love interest of Hank Pym and would become the Wasp. Of the two of them, she got all the good powers. He could shrink, and later grow, and talk to ants but she could shrink, fly, and shoot energy blasts. As the years went by, she would also prove to be a better hero than him, even becoming leader of the Avengers.
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Wasp was better in every way than Hank and continues to be. She’s one of the most trusted Avengers and while she may be small, she packs an insane amount of punch. She’s a great fighter and leader, moving beyond her simplistic roots.
War Machine and Captain Marvel struck up a relationship before his unfortunate demise at the hands of Thanos and that makes a lot of sense. Both have an armed services background and both of them are rather powerful, as far as superheroes go. The War Machine armor is inferior to Iron Man’s in some ways, but James himself has often proven to be better than his mentor.
War Machine has always been one of the Avengers’ toughest members. What his armor lacks in scientific bells and whistles, it more than makes up for in firepower and toughness. It got War Machine through a lot over the years and since his resurrection, has brought him back to the forefront.
Ultron forced Hank Pym to copy Wasp’s mind and make Jocasta, his perfect robotic mate. The Avengers were able to stop him but he took Jocasta away and was able to awaken her on his own. He programmed her to do his bidding but much like Vision before her, she betrayed him and joined the Avengers, using her android powers to fight for good.
Jocasta and Ultron’s relationship wasn’t exactly what most would consider love, but she was created as his perfect mechanical mate. While she isn’t as powerful as he is, she’s proved herself to be extremely tough over the years.
Polaris began her superheroic career as Havok’s girlfriend but she proved to be much more than that over the years. As a member of both the X-Men and X-Factor, Polaris has used her magnetic powers to help those teams take on all comers and has more than proven an asset to both groups. While she isn’t as powerful as her father Magneto, she’s still one of the most powerful mutants around.
Polaris may have started as a Silver Age girlfriend but she’s become so much more. She’s grown in power immensely and moved past her relationship with Havok, becoming a powerful woman in her own right without using a relationship to define her.
Emma Frost may have started as a villain but she’s more than made up for it. Frost has proven to be one of the strongest X-Men on the team. She’s an amazingly powerful telepath, her secondary mutation gives her super strength and diamond skin which makes her a physical threat, and she’s one of the most cunning heroes of them all.
When she was with Cyclops, he was the face of mutantkind but she was the brains and spine, keeping everything running behind the scenes. Even on Krakoa, she’s one of the toughest mutants on the island, showing everyone she’s more than just a pretty face.
Storm is easily one of the most powerful Omega class mutants on the planet. While she’s been in many relationships, there was really only once she could be considered a love interest and that was during her time with Black Panther. Put together because they were both African, T’Challa took the lead, even though a goddess is greater than a king.
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Storm was the true power in that relationship. Her weather powers make her one of the most dangerous people on the planet and even without them, she can still outfight just about any hero or villain she chooses to. Storm is the total package.
Stan Lee did not write women very well at all and Invisible Woman was a perfect example of that. While she is now known as the FF’s most powerful member, that development took as much time to happen as did her character development from a one-dimensional nagging wife. She’s made good on those upgrades, though, and has become a top hero in the Marvel Universe.
Invisible Woman’s manipulation of invisible energy has made her one of the toughest heroes around. She can erect nearly impregnable force fields, create invisible energy constructs, and fire off powerful force blasts. She’s the team powerhouse and it only took years for her to get that way.
Jean Grey started out as Cyclops’s girlfriend but has grown into so much more than that. She’s one of the most important X-Men and her mental powers are some of the strongest on the planet. Marvel likes to pretend that Captain Marvel is the most powerful woman in the Marvel Universe but everyone knows it’s actually Jean. Her telepathy and telekinesis make her more than a match for anyone.
There are very few heroes or villains out there who Jean Grey couldn’t solo. While she’s long been considered Cyclops’s love interest, he should probably be considered her because she has all the power in that relationship.
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