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With the excitement surrounding the release of the newest Spider-Man film, there are some things that fans need to keep in mind before seeing it.
On December 17th, 2021, arguably the most anticipated comic book movie since Avengers: Endgame hits the theatres. Spider-Man: No Way Home has become a juggernaut of hype and speculation, especially since the release of its trailer.
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Fans are no doubt on the edge of their seats in anticipation awaiting the release, but there are some things they should know first. Whether it is brushing up on their Spidey knowledge or keeping certain things in mind, there are plenty of ways fans can prepare themselves for Spidey’s latest outing.
Going off of the trailers and very brief synopsis, it seems as if No Way Home will borrow from one of Spider-Man’s darkest storiesOne More Day. In it, Peter Parker’s identity is common knowledge. He is desperate to retcon his mistake, so he turns to sinister sources. He eventually makes a deal with Mephisto, who says he can see to it that Peter’s identity is once again a secret, as long as Pete gives up his marriage to Mary Jane.
No Way Home sees a desperate Spider-Man trying to erase public knowledge of his identity, but again things don’t go as planned. While not a direct adaptation, this comic arc is a great place to get an idea of where the film is going. The inclusion of Mephisto in the original story has once again fueled rumors of the character’s MCU debut, although this time it could be plausible.
One of the biggest fuel sources of the ongoing Spidey hype train is the fact that Alfred Molina is reprising his role of Otto Octavious aka Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2. While there is clearly a connection to the popular villain from 2004, fans should understand this may not be the exact character.
At the end of the sequel, Octavious sacrifices himself after he gains his sanity back. This Octavious is not only very much alive, but he seems to be back to his sinister ways. This could very well be a variant who was more successful, but fans should still read up on some of the best Doc Ock stories in the comics, as well as watch Spider-Man 2, to prepare themselves for anything.
Something a little more heartbreaking fans should keep in mind is that No Way Home could very well be Tom Holand’s swan song as Spidey. Holland’s Spider-Man has had a sad life in the MCU, but he is still a fun and very popular addition. According to director Jon Watts in an interview with Empire, this film is essentially Spider-Man: Endgame.
As all MCU fans know, that film was the final main appearance of several popular characters. This quote, as well as a Collider interview that stated Tom’s contract only includes three movies, has fans speculating. While the contract will more than likely be extended, it is a real possibility this film could at least be the final solo Spidey film in the MCU, and that is something fans should be ready for.
The biggest gear in the No Way Home rumor mill is that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be reprising their roles as Spider-Man. While fans are ecstatic to see this come to fruition, if it is true there is something they should think of. These two actors may be reprising their roles, but this doesn’t mean they are the same characters, per se.
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Tobey returning to the role would be a huge moment, but he could be an original take on the character and not his Sam Raimi version. The same goes with Andrew, who could vary from his Amazing Spider-Man version. The truth is, nobody knows exactly what to expect, but this is something to keep in mind in the event they do return.
A popular complaint is how so far all of Spidey’s MCU villains are somehow connected to Stark and take it out on his protege. Love the plotline or hate it, the fact is Tony Stark is a major driving force in Peter’s life in the MCU, and odds are No Way Home will be no different.
While he may not have a connection to some of the returning villains, Tony’s influence will be all over the film, even if it just affects Peter. Fans who enjoy this influence shouldn’t worry, but those who don’t should at least try to look past it, as this is looking to be a film for all Spidey fans.
In the event that Tobey and Andrew return and are the same characters from their previous films, chances are this will be the last time they are seen.  In both of their final films, they didn’t exactly wrap everything up. Both Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 prematurely ended their franchises when the studio abruptly pulled the plug.
Because of this, especially in Andrew’s case, there are subplots and character issues that went unresolved. even Spider-Man 3, which got some things right and others wrong, wasn’t a great final act, in many ways. If the characters return, this will probably wrap up their unresolved issues, and send them swinging into the sunset.
Messing with timelines could be messy, and lead to drastic consequences. In the case of No Way Home, these consequences could change the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe as fans know it. Not only are characters from non-MCU Spidey movies leaking into the universe, but there could also be other characters that enter, as well.
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Examples could be the Fantastic Four, which is receiving an MCU movie directed by Spider-Man director, Jon Watts, or mutants, which could lead to an MCU X-Men film. It seems that any movie bearing the Marvel name could now be part of the expansive MCU, and fans could be in for a treat.
There are tons of speculation and rumors floating around the internet regarding No Way Home, but the truth is nobody knows anything yet. There are plenty of things to pick apart in the trailer and photos, but nothing concrete can really be gathered.
Fans can absolutely have their own theories going into the film, but they should not assume they know anything. The MCU is full of plot twists, some of which fans see coming, and this movie could very well be full of them.
Fan’s expectations are through the roof right now, arguably higher than for any film ever. Everyone who has ever been a fan of Spidey has their own expectations and theories about the films, but the truth may be hard to hear. The reality is there is no way one movie could fit in all of the expected plot elements that are running rampant on the web.
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Everybody wants to see Tobey and Andrew return, but that doesn’t mean they will. It would be fantastic to see Matt Murdock return, but there is no concrete evidence that he will. If a fan’s expectations are too high, then it will be impossible for the movie to meet them. Fans should just take a deep breath and enjoy the film as is.
As previously stated, expectations are very high for No Way Home — so high, that odds are they won’t all be met. If a film does not meet a viewer’s expectations, it is okay to be upset. What is not okay however is to blame and harass the cast and crew for not meeting the expectations.
Most fans understand that nothing is owed to them and if they don’t like a finished product, they can just give their opinions and move on. It is not an okay thing to send vulgar threats or dox those who work on a movie because they didn’t like it. Every Spider-Man fan wants to see a fantastic film, but if they don’t feel they have received it, they should know it is just a movie, at the end of the day.
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