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The characters of The Godfather trilogy are quite unique. However, their traits are relatable too, as they fit in the Myers-Briggs personality types.
The Godfather trilogy is normally the template from which most gangster movies borrow. And one of the major reasons why it has become a reference point for directors is its fascinating characters. And even though the mobsters dominate the proceedings, their family members have a couple of great story arcs too.
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Great writing in the trilogy translates to great character development and as a result, everyone in the three-part mob series has clear motivations. For this reason, analyzing their traits and personalities is easier, especially when done through the Myers-Briggs® system.
ENTPs are also known as “The Commanders” because they make the best leaders out of all the personality types. They never shy away from challenges. Instead, they address them hastily. They are also quick to spot inefficiencies and are good at developing long-term plans to better whichever group or project they are managing.
As the second boss of the Corleone Crime Family, Michael is able to implement new changes such as the expansion to Las Vegas, making his faction the most dominant in America in the process. He also quickly realizes the bosses of the other New York families are making the business climate unfavorable, so he has them all killed. In addition to that, he is able to steer the family into more legit businesses, hence turning the Corleone Crime Family into the Corleone Group.
Also known as “The Counsellors,” INFJs are always oozing with ideas. They see things that others don’t, therefore they can always be counted on to give great advice. Tom Hagen is one such person.
It’s no surprise that Vito’s adopted son was appointed the Consigliere. Such a position is only fit for someone who can lay down a proper path and erase problems, and that’s what Tom does. Tom guides Michael as he is expanding to Las Vegas and also helps pull him and the entire family out of trouble during the senate hearings by pointing out holes in what appeared to be tight cases and organizing for witnesses to be intimated.
ESTJs enjoy organizing people and projects, hence they have been nicknamed “The Supervisors.”  They also prefer to rely on traditional values and tend to make firm decisions. Among their many great qualities is their willingness to use their influence to help others. This is how Don Corleone carries himself.
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Despite being a mob boss, Vito still sticks to what is morally right. He shows no mercy to people who hurt women and children. He also declines Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo’s offer to invest in the drug trade. Even during Connie’s wedding, a couple of people show up at the New York Don’s office to seek help for personal problems,
ESTPs, AKA “The Doers,” love social interactions. They are chatty with a penchant for discussing anything and everything. They never hesitate to put themselves in danger and enjoy cleaning up messes as well. That’s what Clemenza is all about.
One of the very first scenes of the trilogy shows Clemenza dancing joyfully at Connie’s wedding. Most of the other times, he can be found chatting with his fellow mobsters as they discuss new strategies. It’s during these times that viewers get served with most of Clemenza’s best quotes. Whenever he isn’t engaging in discourse, Clemenza enjoys terminating turncoats such as Paulie and Victor Stracci.
ESFPs are ordinarily fun-loving people. They enjoy charming others and being the center of attention. This is why they are known as “The Performers.” In addition to that, they have a strong desire for the best things in life, just like Fredo.
The weakest Corleone sibling enjoys partying. He is seen doing so in Las Vegas, when he reunites with Michael, and in Cuba when Michael lets him know that he’s aware he’s a traitor. It’s Fredo’s strong desire for glory and the finer things in life that makes him betray his own brother. Unfortunately, this costs him his life.
INFPs think a lot and prefer to be by themselves. They are guided by their own beliefs and aren’t easily influenced by what’s happening around them. As such, they are known as “The Idealists.” Michael’s wife Kay clearly falls into this category.
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Being married to a mobster doesn’t turn Kay into a vicious person. She remains humble and keeps questioning the Cosa Nostra practices she is forced to witness daily. Eventually, she comes to the conclusion that she and the children will be better off without Michael and tries to divorce him.
ESFJs enjoy looking out for loved ones, earning themselves the label, “The Providers.” They tend to be very popular and in as much as they enjoy helping others, they always seek the best for themselves too.
Sonny cares a lot about his brother Michael and his sister Connie. When Connie gets abused by her husband, Sonny goes out of his way to make him pay. And as one of the most likable Capos in The Godfather, Sonny manages to annex several New York underworld territories, thus strategically positioning himself as a future leader. It’s no surprise that his father loves him so much but unfortunately, his death comes prematurely.
An ISFP might appear calm from a distance but they can be the most adventurous people out there. They prefer to enjoy life to the fullest and always grab any opportunity to have fun. That’s how Connie prefers to live.
When her marriage ends, Connie doesn’t sit around and sob. She tours different cities in Europe, making sure to have as much fun as possible. She often clashes with her bother Michael because of her behavior but she never seems to care much, something that makes her one of the best non-mafia characters in The Godfather. While some viewers might find her unlikable, others will agree with her hedonistic lifestyle.
ISTJs are neat, orderly, and confident. They can come off as a bit intimidating at times, hence their nickname, “The Inspectors,” but they are fun to be around once people get to know them on a personal level.
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These traits are what make Vincent appealing to Michael, such that the Don names him the heir to his throne. Though he starts out as a chaotic gangster, Vincent grows to be responsible and organized. He handles every issue with logic rather than emotion, to the point that he agrees to stop dating Michael’s daughter as a condition for him becoming boss.
Also known as “The Thinkers,” INTPs make very independent decisions and are rarely influenced by what’s happening around them. They are known to deviate from collective decisions too. Mary suits this description.
Michael’s only daughter isn’t influenced by mob-related activities in any way and lives life like she is an ordinary citizen. She also goes against her father’s wishes to date Vincent Mancini because she believes that doing so is what is right for her heart. And despite her love-hate relationship with her father, she never ceases to show him the respect he deserves.
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