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MCU’s Eternals have not only made their theatrical debut this month but they also star in their own gaming event for Marvel Future Revolution.
Coinciding with the release of Chloe Zhao’s Eternals, Netmarble’s mobile RPG Marvel Future Revolution introduced a new Eternals update called The Eternals Epic Invasion Event. Players can recruit four popular and powerful Eternals as a part of their alliances while they fight against the villainous aliens known as the Deviants.
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Available until November 28, this update also comes along with some new elements like different costumes and revamped ranking systems. These changes are still applicable to the game even after the event ends. With such appealing features, this limited-time game update is all set to amaze fans of the comics and the new film.
Even though the film features an ambitious ensemble of multiple Eternals, only four appear as playable characters in Future Revolution. Choosing Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, and Gilgamesh make sense as these are the most action-driven and powerful members of the Eternals team. Others like Druig and Phastos rely more on strategy than direct combat. Each of the four characters is accurately designed to match their cinematic counterparts in terms of costume and physical features.
As Gilgamesh, players can exercise immense superhuman strength with the character’s punches. Thena is able to create weapons like spears and swords out of cosmic energy. As for Sersi, she can manipulate all forms of inorganic matter through touch. Ikaris is no less than a “Superman” for the team as he possesses flying skills, heat vision, and superhuman speed and reflexes. Even Thena and Sersi show flying abilities in certain portions of the game.
One of the new features that this update introduces is Transmutation. This means that players can now exchange Regional Costumes, Special Costumes, and Omega Cards with other members of the player’s Squad. The chosen costumes will still show the old information and stats. But in the case of an Omega Card, the card’s Exclusive Stat for particular Heroes will be converted and applied to the new Hero.
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This time, the Nano-Fusion Costumes can also be changed because of a new function. It is to be noted that these costume changes will also adjust the Bonus Stats for the Costumes. Aside from the strategic advantage these new costumes have, they also appeal on a purely cosmetic level as well. This is the first time the Eternals have been featured as playable characters in a Marvel video game, and it’s exciting for fans to finally play as, and look at, some of Jack Kirby’s most visually impressive characters and costumes.
As the Eternals are tasked with fighting off Deviants on the planet, it is natural for the general of the Deviants to serve as the mission’s primary antagonist. Kro (also known as Warlord Kro) is an immensely powerful Deviant who boasts shapeshifting abilities, accelerated healing factors, and superhuman traits that are characteristic of Eternals.
In the film, the character is voiced by Bill Skarsgard and is shown to even emulate the powers of the Eternals he kills. This explains his evolution towards the latter half of Eternals. Naturally, fighting off the alien MCU villain in a video game would be an exciting opportunity for fans of the film as well as Future Revolution players, who now have another formidable foe to contend with.
The latest supporting system to be introduced with the Eternals update is the addition of Companions. In fact, the four Eternals are to be used as Companions by the Alpha Omega agents (the players).
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These Companions are meant to assist the player in missions with their particular powers and skills. The maximum limit of Companions per Squad is four. Hence, the addition of four Eternals seems like the perfect complement for this feature. Players can acquire the Eternals through Converge Boxes and Most Wanted missions. Additionally, they can also be won as rewards for completing certain activities.
The update was released around the same time as the film’s release on November 3. As fans spend the coming days and weeks watching and asking questions after watching Eternals, playing the game would only make for an enhanced experience. In other words, Eternals is bound to be a trending topic for this entire month and the Future Revolution event would ensure that this fan service remains.
The event is available on Android and iOS for almost all of this month, ending on November 28. All the characters, costumes, and special features will remain after the event has ended if a player has downloaded them before the end date of the event.
The strongest players will now be honored with the Elite Ranking system. In other words, these players will be featured on top lists divided according to Squad and Hero. The highest on the list will also be awarded a special symbol.
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Battle Badges can always be useful for players to unlock new moves and bonuses. As a part of the new update, players can collect low-ranking Badges and craft them into high-ranking ones. These Battle Badges can be ranked as high as 6 stars. These features are introduced right around the release of the Epic Invasion Event and they are here to stay even after the Eternals quest expires after November.
One of the best things about the Eternals in this game is that they get to have their Uni-Mind ritual. Debuting in Jack Kirby’s Eternals comics, the Uni-Mind refers to a mental connection made of light and energy that all Eternals share for coordinated attacks against their enemies.
A primary objective in the Future Revolution event is to protect the Eternals from the Deviants as the alien superheroes engage in the Uni-Mind ritual. If the ritual is interrupted or the Eternals are harmed, the mission would end. Once the ritual is finally complete, the Eternals get to showcase the full extent of their powers. Considering the significance of Uni-Mind in the mythos of Eternals, comic book fans would be hyped to see this unique ability featured as a key plot point in the game.
When it comes to ranking players in the game, the update also introduces an Alliance ranking system. The Alliances are ranked on the basis of each member’s activities such as donations, and individual contributions to the Alliance Omega War. Rewards are given accordingly with the end of every season. As for the rankings, they are updated weekly. Alliances will have more opportunities to earn rewards by fighting against each other in the Alliance Omega War beta that is all set to debut within two weeks.
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