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The new Happy Family 2 film, the sequel to the 2017 animated film Happy Family, was released today in Germany. Amusement park fans will meet characters from Europa-Park and Fantasialand.
Happy Family Films is produced by Europa-Park’s subsidiary MacMedia and the creators of the Mac Rides attraction. Europa-Park 4D Cinema had already performed the short Happy Family in 2016. Characters from the film also appear in the Geisterslaus, the haunted house in Europa Park.
In addition, three Bats from Happy Family Productions have taken control of Fantasialand’s Crazy Bats indoor roller coaster – formerly the Temple of the Night Hawk – since 2019.
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The new feature film Happy Family was released last month in the United States, Mexico and Spain under the name Monster Family 2. From today the film will be shown in Germany. Russia, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden and Portugal will follow in the coming months. At present, the film will not be shown in the Netherlands.
The story follows the story of a family whose members are hair-raising: a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy, and a Frankenstein monster. In the second part, he encounters Monster Slayer Mila Star. The direction is again in the hands of Holgar Tappe, who has also directed several other 4D films for Europa-Park.

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