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Releasing in 2022, Marvel’s Halloween Special is the perfect opportunity to introduce the demonic villain Mephisto into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Marvel Studios’ Halloween Special, already having reportedly cast Gael García Bernal as Werewolf by Night, is the perfect debut opportunity to bring Mephisto into the MCU fold. Mephisto is a demon who rules an infernal extra-dimensional realm, which he calls “Hell” in order to exploit the religious beliefs and fears of humans. Though he is not actually a manifestation of Lucifer, he takes the name Mephisto to align himself with the devil, as featured in Faustian legends, and he similarly resorts to trickery and evildoing to trap souls in his kingdom.
Early in 2021, the Internet was set ablaze with rumors of Mephisto’s inclusion in WandaVision, which ultimately never came to fruition. In the comics, the Scarlet Witch unknowingly uses pieces of Mephisto’s soul to conceive her children, Billy and Tommy. When the truth is revealed and her children are reabsorbed into Mephisto, she is driven mad with grief. Although WandaVision managed to incorporate a similar story arc without Mephisto’s involvement, many fans were dissatisfied with his absence.
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2022’s Halloween Special is the ideal project for Marvel to finally introduce Mephisto. The apparent casting of Werewolf by Night indicates that Marvel is using the special to feature characters who mesh well with the horror genre, which may include other characters that have already been cast, such as Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) and Blade (Mahershala Ali). With that in mind, Mephisto would fit right in alongside these characters and help establish an even spookier tone and darker storyline. As a collector of souls and the embodiment of evil, there are many ways he could torment, trick, and terrify Werewolf by Night or any other heroic characters included, driving the action and intensifying the Halloween-centric spirit of the special.
Mephisto does have prior connections to Werewolf by Night that could make this connection even more natural. Mephisto battled and was nearly been vanquished by Tier, Werewolf by Night’s lupine foster child, and he has also been opposed by the demon-battling Midnight Sons (a team which has previously included Werewolf by Night) multiple times. Doctor Strange, Blade, Moon Knight, and Morbius have also been affiliated with the Midnight Sons in the MCU, leaving lots of room for potential cross-overs with Mephisto once he has been introduced – or even during the special itself.
In addition, the introduction of Mephisto in the Halloween Special could open the door to reveal that WandaVision fans were right after all, whether originally intended or not. Although it was “Agatha All Along,” it would be easy to explain that Mephisto had been involved somehow, pulling the strings or observing. Agatha Harkness could’ve been in league with Mephisto from the beginning, which would tie nicely into the recently released spin-off series with Kathryn Hahn returning as Agatha. It could also be revealed that Wanda’s children were indeed fragments of Mephisto’s soul that he has reabsorbed. Given the theory that Wanda will continue searching for her children in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it doesn’t feel like a reach to imagine her taking drastic measures that could directly lead into Mephisto’s appearance in the Halloween Special.
With the apparent reveal of Gael Garcia Bernal’s casting as Werewolf by Night in the Halloween special, it seems like a natural place for Mephisto to make his debut in the MCU. There is no better timing than Halloween to premiere Marvel’s Faustian villain and his soul-stealing antics. Whether clashing with the Midnight Sons, tying into WandaVision, or simply tormenting souls in the spirit of the holiday, Mephisto would make an excellent addition to the special and continue to expand the cosmic boundaries of the universe.
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