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The MCU is normally fun and lighthearted. But, occasionally, a character will deliver a line that is truly heartbreaking.
The MCU has given fans plenty of moments of levity through the years, but it has also featured its fair share of heartbreak. Despite its reputation for general lightheartedness, Marvel still occasionally dips its toe into more emotional baggage than fans may be expecting.
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Some of Marvel’s characters have been through the proverbial wringer during their tenure in the MCU, suffering through pains, heartbreak, and even sometimes death. Such moments can cause a character to deliver a line so moving that fans won’t soon forget it.

“Love Is A Dagger. It’s A Weapon To Be Wielded Far Away Or Up Close. You Can See Yourself In It. It’s Beautiful. Until It Makes You Bleed.”

Disney+’s Loki finally gave its titular character a chance to take the spotlight, giving audiences an even better understanding of the inner machinations of the god of mischief’s mind than they had ever had before. In the series, Loki contemplates good and evil, power and purpose, hatred and love.
Loki tugs at fans’ heartstrings in a line contemplating the true nature of love as he has experienced it. To him, love was not something to share, but something to use as a weapon against those who trust you. His reflection on love goes to show just how broken the character really is on the inside.

“I Had A Pretty Cool Dad.”

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 built on the original in several ways, including the exploration of Peter Quill’s heritage. When he finally finds his father, he is so overjoyed that he misses the obvious red flags along the way. It is only with the help of his real family that he is able to defeat his father Ego and escape with his life.
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During the battle, Peter realizes too late that, while Ego may have been his father, Yondu was the man who had raised him. This makes his line at Yondu’s funeral all the more heartbreaking, as he declares that he did have a pretty cool dad after all.

“Bury Me In The Ocean, With My Ancestors That Jumped From The Ships, Because They Knew Death Was Better Than Bondage.”

Erik Stevens, AKA Killmonger, was the cousin of T’Challa and briefly the ruler of Wakanda. The nuanced character quickly won over fans and critics alike, making him one of the MCU’s most sympathetic villains so far.
Upon finally seeing the sunset over the Wakandan horizon, Erik makes one last request of his cousin before he dies, uttering a line that has haunted audiences ever since. In his final moments, Erik makes both the viewer and T’Challa wonder if his philosophies were as incorrect as his actions.

“Everywhere I Go I See His Face. And The Whole World Is Asking Who Is Going To Be The Next Iron Man. I Don’t Know If That’s Me, Happy. I’m Not Iron Man.”

Tony Stark’s death is something that will no doubt affect the MCU for years to come. A focal point of the franchise, things may feel somewhat empty now that he is gone. Needless to say, the heroes left in his wake have some very big shoes to fill.
No other Avenger took Stark’s death as hard as Spider-Man did. After a heartwarming stint as Stark’s prodigy, Peter Parker was left wondering how he could ever measure up in his mentor’s absence. At the end of Far From Home, Peter’s feelings of inadequacy come to the surface, as he tragically realizes that he can’t fill Tony’s shoes. Luckily, Happy Hogan reminds him that he doesn’t have to.

“You Were The One Who Wanted To Win. And I Just Wanted A Sister!”

In her early appearances, Nebula was depicted as a hardened and brutal daughter of Thanos, who would do whatever it took to keep herself alive and get revenge on her abusive father. However, audiences came to see the character as more sympathetic over the years, particularly in regard to her relationship with her adoptive sister Gamora.
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After a brutal fight between the two, Gamora and Nebula exchange verbal blows, with the latter finally exclaiming that all she wanted was a sister, but Gamora’s competitive spirit made that impossible. It was a rare moment of emotional vulnerability from Nebula and one that changed the way that audiences would look at her forever.

“You’d Think After All This Time, I’d Be Ready. But Look At Me. Stretching One Moment Into A Thousand… Just So I Can Watch The Snow.”

It is unclear exactly how old the Ancient One was when she died, but there is no doubt that she far outlived her natural lifespan. This made it all the more shocking when she was killed halfway through Doctor Strange. As she lays dying, the Ancient One uses her astral form to converse with Strange one last time.
There must be something inherently terrifying about being an ancient being that nows faces death. To live so long avoiding death’s embrace but finally come face-to-face with it would be surreal. The Ancient One expresses this sentiment in her final words to Strange before passing out of this realm, leaving him alone to watch the snowfall.

“Well, If I’m Wrong, Then… What More Could I Lose?”

One of the greatest fighters of Asgard, Thor Odinson went a long time without knowing what it felt like to lose. But his fighting prowess couldn’t save Asgard from falling, nor could it keep his mother, father, or brother from dying. By the beginning of Infinity War, Thor is broken, expressing to Rocket that he has little left to lose.
Thor’s tragic fall from glory came all at once for the centuries-old Asgardian, shattering his ego and destroying his spirit. The worst part about this line is that Thor didn’t realize just how much more he would lose in the following few hours, as he would be directly responsible for the Avengers’ failure in Wakanda against Thanos.

“I Can’t Feel You.”

Wanda Maximoff has not had an easy life, but perhaps the worst tragedy she has faced was the death of her lover Vision. After watching him die before her eyes twice, Wanda herself was blinked out of existence for five years, returning to find Vision’s body being ripped apart by S.W.O.R.D.’s forces. She barges her way onto the operating floor and looks down at his body, but finally realizes that he is gone.
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This moment broke Wanda, eventually leading her to trigger the Westview Anomaly featured in WandaVision. But the pain in her voice as she declares that she can’t feel Vision, echoing some of his final words to her, causes audiences to understand her grief at his loss, even if they can’t agree with her method of coping.

“Yeah, I Just… Had A Date.”

Steve Rogers goes by many titles: Captain America, The Star-Spangled Man, the First Avenger. However, perhaps one of his most poignant titles is “The Man Out of Time.” Transplanted from the 1940s, Rogers lost everything he knew when he woke up in the 21st century. When he learns this fact, the only thought on his mind was that he missed his date with Peggy Carter.
Captain America accomplished many heroic things from that point onward, yet he never truly forgot about his lost love. The remainder of his story arc in the MCU always came back to Peggy in some way or another, until he finally got his chance to return to her and live the life he always wanted.

“I Love You 3000.”

Tony Stark was the man who kicked off the MCU in 2008 with his first solo film. Naturally, he was also the man to bring the final chapter of the Infinity Saga to a close. Sacrificing himself to save trillions, Tony left behind a message to his family, declaring that he loved them “3000.”
MCU fans will never forget the power behind this line, the very last words they may ever hear from the great Tony Stark. They will forever remain a message of love from the late hero that started–and ended–it all.
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