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When asked about the status of Deadpool 3 over at Marvel Studios, Ryan Reynolds offers an update, albeit a vague one, regarding the movie.
Ryan Reynolds gives an update, albeit a vague one, when asked about the status of Deadpool 3. Disney’s historic acquisition of Fox’s movie and TV assets excited a lot of Marvel fans as they zeroed in on the idea that X-Men, Fantastic Four, and all their tie-in characters can now be in the MCU. While Marvel Studios has yet to lay out a concrete plan regarding the mutants, a particular one is already confirmed to debut soon in the franchise in Wade Wilson aka. Deadpool.
The Fantastic Four is already going to be rebooted under Kevin Feige, with the new film set to be directed by Jon Watts. Meanwhile, the X-Men are expected to go through the same thing as Fox’s franchise is a little bit too complicated to be just absorbed in the MCU. Things are a little bit different with Deadpool, however. Given its massive following, rebooting the sub-franchise is simply out of the question. Instead, Marvel Studios is set to keep the character’s ongoing continuity, with Deadpool 3 already greenlit as an R-rated project which will be the first one in the franchise. Since this news broke out, however, no other update has been revealed, further piquing the interest of fans.
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So, when Variety caught up with Reynolds during the red carpet premiere of his latest film, Red Notice, he was asked about the threequel. Interestingly, instead of his usual playful answers, he was quite straightforward with his response this time. He says that he can’t comment on the matter for now, but he hopes that he can share something “hopefully soon.” See his full comment below:
“Plugging away. I can’t really comment right now. Hopefully soon.”
After wrapping up work on Apple TV +’s Christmas flick Spirited, Reynolds announced that he’s going on a short sabbatical from acting. The actor has had a busy year with the release of Free Guy and Red Notice, that’s on top of doing other projects for his business ventures. As it turns out, he wants to spend more time with his kids as they’re growing up quite fast. It’s uncertain if this short break has an impact on the development of Deadpool 3, but considering Marvel Studios’ full slate, chances are that this wouldn’t significantly delay the threequel. While Reynolds is mum about the project’s status, it’s likely that when he comes out of his hiatus next summer, the Marvel film will be the next endeavor that he will focus on.
With Deadpool 3 being in active development, it’s safe to say that it won’t take that long before more details about it are released. Given the MCU’s multiverse, Marvel Studios has a fairly easy way to introduce the character without significantly altering the Sacred Timeline. Aside from pertinent details such as its release date and story, it’s also curious if the rest of the cast from the previous two films will join Reynolds in the threequel. Zazie Beetz, who played Domino, has recently expressed her desire to reprise the role. So if Marvel Studios wants to include her in the next film, it wouldn’t be that difficult to recruit her for it.
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Source: Variety
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