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Nov 24, 2021

Some time ago, users explored Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. It was a real revolution in the gaming industry. Finally, gamers can not only play for fun but be rewarded properly in their favorite crypto NFT game. 
Right, blockchain technology has reached video games, and it is huge progress in the industry. If you are excited to learn about the latest NFT games in 2021, check out this post and find out all you need to learn about the most beneficial games ever. 
So, if you have never played these games and ask yourself, “what is nft game”, here is the new information for you. NFT games are a mixture of traditional video games and innovative gameplay features. These features allow gamers to control their in-game assets more. It means you can have a much better influence over your characters, territories, skins, weapons, etc.
Your nft game crypto experience will be truly unforgettable thanks to blockchain and asset-supported economies. One more perk of these games is also that thanks to NFT token standards, application development and management services keep certain internal goods quite rare and valuable. You can own game assets in three ways:
Your ownership rights to all game assets are exclusive, no matter how you gained them. You are free to sell those items, as well as distribute them. The profit is fully yours. 
The best nft game 2021 is called Axie Infinity and will remind you of the Pokemon game. Thanks to blockchain, everything becomes even more exciting. The game is about breeding and collecting NFT-based creatures, Axies. The game is Ethereum-based.
Your goal is to combat other players. Each of the creatures has its own unique fingerprint. You can trade them on Ethereum markets. 
The plot takes place in 2088 where you have to defend a frontier. Humans command a squad of mutants, kill cyborgs, defend the wall, and humanity, in general. You can buy tokens on Pancakeswap. 
The game is built on BSC. Players have many opportunities to earn and trade tokens. You can make really good money in this game. You can also become an investor and earn from this. 
If you love card trading games, this one’s for you. Moreover, it is absolutely free to play. You can buy your cards from other players or win PVP competitions. The winner normally becomes the one who has a better ability and whose cards are of better quality.
Being one of the top nft crypto games this year, Gods Unchained requires your skills and tactics to be polished. You win the match when your opponent’s life goes to zero before yours. Each victory brings you more experience points. The game is ERC-721 token-based. 
This is the first Ethereum-based game. You can buy, breed, and trade cats. Your task is to create desirable traits that are unique ERC-721 tokens. Sell your kitties on NFT markets. This game has existed since 2017 but still didn’t lose its popularity.
You may think the game is a bit childish. However, you will be really excited to raise and collect those crypto kitties. You can breed two kitties together or just buy yours in the marketplace. Create a collection of cats and get a reward.
Another crypto game for card fans. You can trade cards and earn at the same time. Win card matches and get your rewards. Before you start playing, buy your starting pack, create an account on Steem, and reveal your cards in the game.
Sometimes, new players can become very lucky and get the rarest cards at once. If you are not very lucky, you can have a lot of the same cards. However, it is possible to sell some of them for cryptocurrency or combine them and boost their strength. 
The game is about economic struggle, and you will have to play in a team with other players. Your task is to discover new planets. In this NFT-game, you will compete for TLM or Trillium. It allows you to manage Planet DAOs and access new games.
Use your NFTs to harvest TLM, accomplish different missions in the Alien Worlds metaverse, and fight in combat. You can collect and buy NFTs depending on your plan. The game’s course can be influenced by choosing the Councillors of six Planet DAOs. In this case, you can participate in the government. 
If you are going to play to earn crypto games 2021 but have no experience, you should pick this game for the beginning. Crypto Snake is one of the simplest games. What can be easier than the classic snake game? Yes, this game is inspired by it.
In this case, there is the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, and your snake eats cryptocurrencies there. You consume more as the stats of your snake grow. If you want to upgrade your snake, use local currency. 
This NFT-game is for sports fans. However, it is not just a boring football game. You can play various types of football games, for example, traditional fantasy football or Sorare. You defeat other managers and earn your rewards. Construct your own virtual squad of digital cards. 
This sounds like a great game to earn money. And it really is. This is a 3D game with excellent gameplay and graphics. You have to battle others for gold and try to mine it. The game would be perfect for bitcoin miners. Your tokens are decentralized and can be sold in the market. The aim of the game is to mine as much gold as possible and, thus, earn more money.
The game is perfect for the fans of F-Zero or Super Mario. You have to combine different weapons and create powerful cars. You can mix those and get more advantage on the tracks. The cars you won can be registered on the blockchain as NFTs. You are free to sell them on OpenSea.
NFT games 2021 are innovative in the world of video games. If you want to gain a totally new gaming experience and earn some cryptocurrency, you should not neglect the chance of playing one or two of these games. You will find a variety of them, and based on your preferences, you can pick the game that would suit your personal needs and requirements. 
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