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Yes, Disney has princesses and royals with magic hair and voices, but when it comes to the true power of royal rule, the subject is debatable.
Disney is known for its princess/prince archetypes. For a company founded essentially on fairytales, it’s to be expected. From Snow White to Moana, the studio had created some of the most recognizable royals in fiction, but scholars of the House of Mouse might ask themselves whose head truly wears the crown?
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Yes, Disney has some of the best princesses, with magical hair, magical hands, and magical voices, but when it comes to the true power of royal rule, the subject is highly debatable. Taking both supernatural powers and the position of government into account, the list of Disney royalty might not be as vast as it sounds.
Mufasa is arguably an overrated character in The Lion King, to be sure, but one that would be shamefully missed if not included. He’s a typically benevolent royal, and he definitely has the largest territory of Disney’s rulers.
As Mufasa said, “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” If this phrase is to be taken at a literal level, that means that his kingdom stretches as far as the lions can see from the top of Pride Rock. For all viewers know, his rule could stretch to the top of Kilimanjaro on a particularly sunny day.
If both the live-action character and his original animated counterpart are taken into account, the Sultan is far more than just a ruler glued to a golden throne. Both appear to be gentle rulers of their beloved city, and both have a genuine love for their daughter, but both bring different personas to their roles.
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The live-action version is both benevolent and competent in his seat of power, but the animated version is more than a comical foil if one takes the Aladdin animated series into account. As well as ruling the kingdom, he’s also a bit of an eager adventurer, having taken on a few quests in his youth. There’s simply more to the character than meets the eye.
Things begin to grow slightly more complicated with the inclusion of Snow White’s stepmother, the Evil Queen. Given the information presented in the film, viewers know three main details about the Queen. One: she’s queen and sole ruler of her kingdom. Two: she’s incredibly vain and cruel, alluding to perhaps an equally domineering style of rule. Three: she can conjure the powers of black magic.
It would be one thing if she were just a tyrannical despot, but when the dark forces are called into play, the Queen gets a leg up on most of the competition. Along with governing over a presumable country, she has power over the spirit realm, divination, and alchemy to boost her resume. That’s certainly a tough act to follow.
Abstract subjects like holidays might seem ungovernable, but not for a mastermind like Tim Burton. Jack Skellington is a rare and curious creature when it comes to Disney royalty because, while many of his peers hold sway over kingdoms, countries, and faraway lands, Jack has an entire dimension in the palm of his skeletal hand.
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Along with ruling over the realm of Halloween, Jack has shown various powers and abilities shared by a number of undead characters, as well as the ability to jump from the human world to other holiday realms through the doorways in the hinterlands. In the end, he’s practically suited to handle both political and interdimensional powers.
It’s practically impossible for anyone in the Disney fandom to not encounter at least one of the sisters from FrozenBut as overplayed and everpresent as Elsa might be, she definitely has powers, both regal and supernatural, to back up her reputation.
Elsa isn’t the stereotypical Disney princess, she’s a queen who had to go through all the royal and regal hoops to reaffirm her status and power, coronation and all. Pair her ruling of Arendelle with her literal command over all things wintery and it’s a recipe for an absolute powerhouse of a ruler that can hold her own against nearly everything.
Disney definitely knew what they were doing when they adapted C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia series, especially with Jadis the White Witch. From her dark eyes to her rapier-sharp tenacity, Jadis is one of the most fearsome villains in all of fantasy. Not only has she ruled Narnia for a century with her icy spell, but she can decimate any threat to her rule with a flick of her wand.
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Her reach doesn’t just end there, as she’s also able to command a legion of mythological monsters to do her bidding, as well as invoke the powers of the Deep Magic. She could even give magical mavens like Maleficent a run for their money.
Marvel is loaded with powerful rulers from earth to Asgard, but if there’s one character that truly captures the concept of the warrior king, it’s T’Challa. Along with assuming the coveted mantel of the Black Panther, Wakanda’s prince rules over the technologically-advanced kingdom with a gentle and beloved hand.
He has an entire country, all of Wakanda’s technology, and the power of an ancient superhero all under his belt, but that’s not his only claim to fame. T’Challa is a powerful character both in and out of the Avengers, but what earns him a mention is his capabilities as a leader. Anyone can wield a certain amount of power, but a true king leads forward, not over.
Taking a page from Wakanda’s book but mixing in her people’s own supernatural energies, Kida is an often overlooked character, regardless of her royal status, and Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of the best movies about the Lost City. She has authority over the Lost City of Atlantis, but she also acts as a conduit for the mystical energies that give the city its life.
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Her kingdom and access to ancient and mystical technologies are one thing, but the connection to the Heart of Atlantis grants her a sharp and supernatural edge. The fact that the very lifeforce of the kingdom can flow through her veins grants her a seriously sharp edge over many that might oppose her.
With King Triton, two factors have to be called into consideration, the fact that Disney writes him as King of the Seas, and the mythological aspect that depicts him as a son of Posideon. By these stipulations, it can be assumed that the king of all the merfolk has a sort of divine power to command the waters to his will.
A benevolent figure he might be, but his famous trident has unfathomable powers over storms and sea alike. Anyone who can take up one of the most devastating magical items in all of Disney has to have both the might to wield it responsibly and the power to control it, as well.
When it comes to the most powerful Disney characters, both royal and literal, it doesn’t get much higher than Zeus. While Disney’s version might be a far cry away from his mythological inspiration, Zeus does seem to wield and possess all the powers of the myths and stories that created him. From his thunderbolts to his shapeshifting abilities, he maintains the core elements of Olympus’s king of the gods.
Right from the film’s beginning, Zeus already has a pretty powerful pedigree to his name. Able to conquer and imprison the Titans with his thunderbolts, create pegasi from a handful of clouds, and control storms with his emotions, he’s one mythological figure no one should anger. Though a bit more kind-hearted than the original figure, he’s easily one of the studio’s most powerful and recognizable royals.
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