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Marvel has announced the next era of X-Men comics will be ‘Destiny of X,’ hinting that it’s the villains’ turn to decide the future of mutantkind.
Warning: contains spoilers for Inferno #2!
The new era of the X-Men is about to begin within Marvel Comics, as teased with the announcement of a new initiative coming early next year called Destiny of X. The new era will be a direct follow-up to the maneuverings of Mystique and Destiny in the ongoing Inferno. Following Dawn of X (which established the founding of the mutant nation of Krakoa) and Reign of X (which saw mutants take their place on the world and galactic stage) Destiny of X seems set to explore the future of mutantkind. Given the entire franchise revamp has centered around Charles Xavier, Magneto and Moira X’s secret attempts to avert a seemingly certain future where mutants are wiped out by AI, the title seems to promise an ominous new direction.
Destiny is a mutant with the power of precognition, able to pick up key events from  potential futures. Having clashed with Destiny in a prior version of her timeline, Moira X made it a condition of helping Xavier and Magneto that no precognitive would be resurrected on Krakoa. Mystique, however, wouldn’t let that decision stand, resurrecting Destiny in secret and then making deals behind the scenes to have her elected to Krakoa’s leadership in a surprise vote.
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The teaser for Destiny of X, shared by comicbook, is just a two-line quote from Destiny herself. The quote from Irene Adler reads, “There is no ‘The’ future. There is no Destiny.” The only other time in recent canon Destiny could not directly see the future was when she looked into the destiny of Moira X, seeing nothing but a void as the newly revealed mutant has the power to die and be reborn in her original life with all the knowledge she gained from her previous life intact. As Moira’s alliance loses power to Mystique and Destiny in Inferno, it’s interesting that Destiny’s proclamation runs counter to her own experiences – Moira has witnessed the death of mutantkind repeatedly throughout her lives, and her efforts in the modern day have ostensibly been all about preventing that outcome. It seems Destiny may disagree about the necessity of her quest, and the last time the two disagreed, Destiny had her opponent burned alive.
The last time fans saw Destiny before her recent resurrection by the efforts of Mystique was in the pages of House of X/Powers of X before the island nation of Krakoa was even established. There, Moira creates a serum that cures people of their mutation, but she is stopped by Destiny and her team of mutant freedom fighters. Destiny tells Moira that she knows of her Groundhog Day-style powers and tells her, in her next life, to be an ally of mutants rather than the adversary she proved to be. Moira seemingly did just that, but it’s clear she’s still terrified of Destiny’s influence.
Now, Inferno is exploring Destiny’s return, acting as the final story of Jonathan Hickman’s tenure on the X-Books. Destiny of X will be the first chapter of the franchise’s revamp not overseen by Hickman, and will likely spin out of twin series X Lives of Wolverine X Deaths of Wolverine, coming January. It’s likely that like Dawn of X and Reign of XDestiny of X will only be an overarching initiative rather than a series in its own right, but only further teases from Marvel will reveal that for sure.
With hints that Xavier, Magneto, and Moira’s control over Krakoa won’t survive InfernoDestiny of X‘s title suggests that the new era may be marked by the rulership of characters previously considered villains, and a new focus on forging a better future for mutantkind rather than simply avoiding the rise of AI. With the X-Men‘s power struggle soon to conclude, all Marvel is saying for now is that Destiny of X is coming March 2022, and that more will be revealed in the weeks to come.
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Source: comicbook
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