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Captain Marvel 2 reportedly wraps filming, according to a photo shared by a crew member that shows a signed clapperboard and crew hoodie.
Captain Marvel 2 has reportedly wrapped filming, according to a social media post shared by a crew member. Audiences were first acquainted with Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, back in 2019 when Captain Marvel released in theatres. The film boasted a star-studded cast that included the likes of Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn and Gemma Chan as well as an impressively de-aged Samuel L. Jackson. Captain Marvel has gone on to have a fairly large role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe after discovering the true scope of her powers and abilities in the first film.
Details surrounding the Captain Marvel sequel have been incredibly sparse throughout the film’s production, however it was confirmed that it will officially be titled The Marvels, with Candyman director Nia DaCosta helming the project this time around. The film was also unfortunately one of the casualties of Marvel’s recent re-shuffle, that saw the film’s official release pushed back by three months from its original date of November 2022. Audiences will see Larson return as Carol Danvers, however much of the ensemble cast is still being kept under wraps.
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Now, filming on the upcoming Captain Marvel 2 has reportedly wrapped. Shared to Twitter by The Marvels Newsan unknown crew member posted a photo of a crew hoodie with The Marvels’ logo embroidered on it, alongside a clapperboard that appears to be signed by some of the film’s cast. The crew member also captioned the image “160(ish) days later and we’ve only gone and wrapped this up.” As the shoot has been shrouded in mystery, many fans were delighted at this confirmation that Captain Marvel 2 would likely now enter its post-production stages. Check out the post below.
#TheMarvels is OFFICIALLY WRAPPED! An unknown crew member took to Instagram to share a clapperboard signed by the cast, & a crew hoodie! 💫
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Very little is know about what can be expected from this upcoming release, but it was confirmed that the film will link to two Disney + series: Wandavision and the upcoming Ms. Marvel. Wandavision saw Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), the daughter of Danver’s best friend Maria, gain powers after breaking through Wanda’s energy field. So, it is likely that Rambeau will play a big role within the sequel. When it comes to Ms. Marvel, Iman Vellani’s titular character Kamala Khan idolizes Captain Marvel, and so this connection is likely to be explored also.
The film’s official wrap is certainly exciting news for many who truly have no idea what to expect from Captain Marvel 2. There are still a number of big MCU titles that are set for release prior to The Marvels, both in theatres and on the Disney+ service. With Ms. Marvel set for release on Disney+ in summer 2022, the series is likely to give more context as to how the events of The Marvels will play out and how these characters will come together on the big screen. As for now, fans can hope for more details to be released as the post-production stages of Captain Marvel 2 officially begin.
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