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Wolverine has fought some of the biggest villains in Marvel Comics like Magneto and Apocalypse, but who are his most underrated villains?
Wolverine is one of the greatest X-Men in Marvel Comics and he’s fought against most of their greatest villains. Thanks to his long life and solo adventures, Logan has his own world within the comics populated by other noteworthy characters. Some of the best antagonists associated with the character are underrated, and may even come as a surprise to comic book fans.
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Many of Wolverine’s villains are linked to him through his complex and tragic past, like Omega Red or Silver Samurai. Others have no obvious connection to him and are more closely linked to other major Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man’s Mysterio. Nonetheless, they’ve delivered some of the fiercest blows against Wolverine in the comics.
Sabretooth is one of the best X-Men comic book villains in general and for most fans, likely the one they most associate with Wolverine. Despite this, he’s never really become the equivalent of an arch-enemy for Wolverine in the same way as the Joker or Doctor Doom. This is mostly due to Sabretooth being a good guy at times, in prison, or generally not around, leading to a lack of leveraging the villain to his fullest potential.
But he remains rife with potential. With a healing factor and razor-sharp claws, he’s beyond dangerous and is one of the few enemies that can not only physically outmatch Logan but hurt him emotionally as well. He proved that when he killed Silver Fox, one of Logan’s love interests in the comics.
Cyber is in some respects a classic ’90s era comic book character, taking existing aspects like adamantium to sometimes cartoony extremes. Most of Cyber’s body is coated in a layer of adamantium, and he has razor-sharp adamantium claws in each of his fingers. But he’s more than just his design, which is a compelling one by artist Sam Keith.
Cyber is part of Wolverine’s long, complex past. He served as Logan’s drill instructor in World War I and is actually the first subject of the human experiments that ultimately led to Wolverine, making him a key link in a tragic chain of events in the comics. Now almost forgotten, Cyber was, for a time, an intimidating villain for the X-Man and one capable of destroying Logan if it hadn’t been for the villain’s own lack of training.
Wendigo is one of the coolest Hulk villains in the comics, but he’s also an antagonist for Wolverine. He’s a powerful monster born of a mystical curse that passes from person to person, and many versions have fought not just Wolverine, but the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and others.
The Wendigo hasn’t been a major presence in Wolverine’s life since the early 2000s, leaving him mostly a fragment of Logan’s early comic book career. Despite a lull in their rivalry, Wendigo remains a powerful and constant threat due to his sheer size and strength. He’s fast too, and can swiftly outmaneuver the agile Wolverine in a fight.
Razor-Fist vaulted into the popular consciousness thanks to his role in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. The villain with a sword for an arm is also a villain of Wolverine, and they’ve had some very brutal encounters in the comics.
Razor-Fist was sent to kill Wolverine in the fictional Marvel Comics country of Madripoor in a story in Marvel Comics Presents #2-4. Razor-Fist seemed to die in that encounter but later returned to fight Wolverine while he was part of X-Force. Like most of Logan’s opponents, Razor-Fist’s main strength lies in his sheer brutality. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to best his opponent, and he’s come close to killing Wolverine.
Omega Red was introduced in the early ’90s and quickly became a major enemy of Wolverine and the X-Men. He’s since lost a little bit of steam, a casualty perhaps of being too similar to other major Wolverine villains. Like Cyber and others, Omega Red is a product of human experimentation, orchestrated by a character named Romulus.
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His origin as a Soviet soldier who volunteered to become an answer to Captain America remains compelling, though, as does his vast array of superpowers. His most potent power lies in his carbonadium arms, a great equalizer against Wolverine’s adamantium claws.
Viper originated as one of Captain America’s most powerful villains, but the former Madame Hydra is also an enemy of Wolverine. She’s somewhat underrated in this respect, but she plays a major role in his adventures in Madripoor. She’s actually also technically his wife.
Viper manipulated Logan into marrying her in order to consolidate power in Madripoor, though she did harbor genuine feelings for him. The powerful crime boss remains a major player in Madripoor and would be an ideal character to bring into the MCU given her ties to both Hydra and the criminal underworld. She’s the rare Wolverine villain who can threaten not only his physical body but can his use his own emotions against him in battle as well.
Gorgon is a more modern villain of Wolverine, possibly accounting for his being somewhat underrated. But he’s a very powerful enemy and with his connections to The Hand and Hydra would make a lot of sense in the MCU. He is able to turn people to stone just by looking at them, and that’s just one of his many abilities.
The highly intelligent and dangerous Gorgon was able to brainwash Wolverine and send him on a mission to steal secret technical plans designed by Reed Richards, as well as attack agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He’s a villain who has strengths in multiple departments: intelligence, strategy, power, and influence, to name a few.
Movie fans likely know the name Donald Pierce from Logan, but his comic book version is somewhat underrated compared to others. This is in spite of the fact that he is one of the most powerful and insidious of any of Wolverine’s villains.
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The leader of the Reavers hates mutants, and once posed as one to gain access to the Hellfire Club. He also underwent experiments to gain a cybernetic body which he then put to use in torturing and virtually killing Wolverine in one of the most gruesome moments in Marvel Comics in Uncanny X-Men #251. While lacking in power when compared to Logan’s other antagonists, Pierce makes up for it by his all-consuming hatred for mutantkind and Wolverine in particular.
The Silver Samurai is one of the best martial artists in Marvel Comics and a villain with major ties to Wolverine’s past in Japan. His role in The Wolverine as the Big Bad may have felt like the worst part of that movie, but the comic version is one of Wolverine’s most powerful enemies.
His suit of armor was mostly invulnerable to conventional attack and also allowed him to fly. His real power came in his hate for Wolverine, who was in love with his daughter Mariko. The hate was mutual, leading to some of Wolverine’s most savage battles.
Mysterio is, of course, one of Spider-Man’s most classic villains in the comics and now MCU, but he’s also a villain of Wolverine. He may not be perceived as such, but Mysterio is responsible for perhaps Wolverine’s greatest tragedy in the comics. In the Old Man Logan alternate reality, Mysterio tricked Wolverine into killing all of the X-Men.
Mysterio’s deadly illusion contributed to one of the darkest timelines in the comics and was part of a horrific series of events that led to a world mostly without heroes. In one swift, bloody moment, Mysterio destroyed Wolverine’s entire world. No other villain before or since has been able to devastate Logan quite like Mysterio did with just one small trick of the mind.
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